Good News!!! British Medical Team to Iraq to Oversee the Health of Talabani!!!

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Urgent .. Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health: Medical team of Britain up to Iraq tomorrow to oversee the health of Talabani
Tuesday, January 18 1 / December 2012 18:44  |  {Baghdad: Euphrates News}

Announced senior agent of the Ministry of Health Essam Namiq and a British medical team’s arrival tomorrow to oversee the health of President Jalal Talabani.

He said at a joint news conference with President of the Presidium of the Republic Naseer al-Ani, held this evening ” Talabani faced a health crisis was immediately admitted to the hospital and immediately we have set up a medical team from all specialties and carried out all the necessary tests to His Excellency the President and showed that the cause of hardening of the arteries and that the tests showed that normal body functions ”

And between Undersecretary said that “the health status of President Talabani stable and that a medical team from Britain would arrive in Iraq tomorrow to oversee the health of the President of the Republic.”

For his part, Chief of Staff of the Presidency of the Republic Naseer al-Ani that “the health of President Jalal Talabani, stable, has faced a health crisis yesterday enjoined entered to Medical City hospital in Baghdad and is now in good health.”

Said one of the doctors of the medical team members “we’ve met last night with President Jalal Talabani after suffering a health emergency and we have set up a specialized medical team to oversee the health of His Excellency and we had him all the necessary tests and test results were reassuring and that his health is stable.”

For his part, another doctor from the medical team said that “the president’s health is stable and there is a cadre of competent medical oversees the health of His Excellency and we are waiting for better improve his health in the coming hours.”

The Information Office of the Presidency issued a statement received and Euphrates News Agency {} a copy of “the president admitted to hospital on Monday evening 12/17/2012 and underwent a series of laboratory tests and radiological have shown that the health status of the emergency has caused by hardening of the arteries” .

“As the tests showed that the normal body functions and the health status of President stable and is subject to medical attention focused under the supervision of a specialized Iraqi medical team integrated.”

The varied afternoon news has indicated several media to his death, such as that issued the Office of the President issued a statement denying that and confirms the stability of his health condition.

A medical source has revealed Euphrates News Agency {} earlier Tuesday on exposure Talabani to stroke yesterday evening and was taken to the Medical City Hospital in Baghdad. Ended


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