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On: Friday 12/14/2012 10:18 am | Kurdistan – Azad Mustafa

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According to Kurdish sources knowledgeable in the field of oil to start a contracting companies with the Kurdistan Regional Government to explore for oil,

The sources said that the world’s leading companies and U.S. support, agreed to invest in the north of Iraq, pointing out that they left work in the south of Iraq and sought refuge in Kurdistan there are more profits and more facilities,

Group signed French oil giant Total signed an agreement to explore for oil in Iraqi Kurdistan so risky to enter into a test of strength with the Baghdad government, which is at loggerheads with the Iraqi Kurdistan on oil investment,

The European oil company announced it had acquired through third this decade to 35% of two exploration licenses covering 705 and 424 sq km respectively, the U.S. company Marathon Oil.

The Iraqi Kurdistan government owns 20% of these two blocs. Entering the field of exploration in Iraqi Kurdistan risks Total run in a confrontation with Baghdad that have poor relations with the region extremely autonomous. As is the case with the two Americas regional rivals Chevron and Exxon – Mobil, which are at odds with the central government. The only spokesman for Total said that the group had informed the Iraqi authorities on this process. Has warned the Iraqi government in June / last French companies from signing oil contracts with the Kurdistan region or any local authorities or other regional, asserting that it would lead to the cancellation of contracts of these companies with government Iraqi. In the same context, announced last week that Chevron can no longer work in Iraq, because the giant U.S. oil company obtained without the consent of the two oil exploration licenses in the autonomous region. Baghdad also threatened to Exxon – Mobil similar measures. As Iraqi government has criticized solemn Chevron at a time when it is trying to conclude an oil contract with the Kurdistan Regional Government-proof at the same time the company complete the contract in a government attempt to deter other companies from contracting directly with the region, has long asserted Baghdad that any contract entered into with Iraqi Kurdistan is illegal, where hamper the company’s contract with the region at a time when it operates within a giant oil field in the south. Has banned Baghdad Exxon Mobil from entering the tender for exploration during the current year. But Chevron followed rival the largest in Kurdistan, “Exxon Mobil” and the position of Baghdad, which will hopefully be released will be important for the rest of big companies as France’s Total, which is expected to enter the other player in the series of disagreements oil contracts between Baghdad and Erbil, according to the Chicago Tribune, so far it whatever the impact on the goodwill between the two parties, Chevron does not have any share of the investment in the fields of southern Iraq, it is possible to lose. The second largest oil companies in the United States were eligible to take a share of the four licensing rounds of oil and gas, but the company has apologized for saying that the conditions for the Iraqi government unworkable. The sources also reported that Chevron found working conditions in the contract with the Kurdistan region of Iraq more appropriate than those in Baghdad. At which the company their intention to continue to look for opportunities to invest in the north and south of Iraq officials said Iraqi oil that the company had shown interest in the development of oil field Nasiriyah giant in the country’s south but this field was not presented in any of the bids. Statement the Ministry of Oil Federal stated that is now being verified from the credibility and reputation of Chevron added to other companies but we are quite confident of its failure in the test and those companies that feel ashamed as a result of their actions illegal, and now the oil companies are more inclined to bypass the wrath of Baghdad and work in the north of the country. Total was approved several months ago to negotiate to enter the Kurdistan while stressing Iraq’s sovereignty over the region’s autonomous. Was its chairman Christophe de Margerie said last February that “the terms of the contracts better where it is probably a small message must be passed to the entire country “. Then he said the following month that “a lot of companies investing in Iraqi Kurdistan, I do not see why they can not Total to do the same.” And sought TOTAL to calm reaffirmed in its statement on the “commitment to contribute to the development of the Iraqi oil sector and investment in new projects.” This agreement which could open a new chapter in the relations between Total and Iraq, recorded return to the roots for the French group. was its predecessor, the French oil company, established in the twenties of the last century to participate in the extraction of oil in Iraq after the discovery of a field near the northern city of Kirkuk, which is still Baghdad and the Kurds fighting over sovereignty. has left the French oil company of the country in 1972 after the nationalization of the oil sector. Since the overthrow of Saddam Hussein returned TOTAL of the small door by obtaining in 2009 a tender to develop and exploit the Halfaya field in the south of the country as part of a consortium with Asian companies, a contract could be threatened status by Total in the Kurdish side.
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