U.S. Ambassador says that al-Rubaie “a strong candidate” to succeed Maliki!!!

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Khvaya entering the U.S. ambassador to line the political crisis in Iraq and al-Rubaie a strong candidate for the succession of al-Maliki in the caretaker government!!

CREDIT: http://www.Chakooch.com Hisham Khalid

Baghdad – Hisham Khalid – Informed political sources from entering the U.S. ambassador to Iraq, Stephen Beecroft on the line of the political crisis between the Kurdistan region and the central government, to افتين to the Americans put forward several solutions to this crisis,

The sources said that the U.S. ambassador in Iraq, held separate meetings with President Jalal Talabani and Massoud Barzani, at a time when pointed to news that the United States might exert great pressure on Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to stop the escalating tension with Kurdistan.

A source familiar with another former national security adviser Muwaffaq al-Rubaie, might be a candidate acceptable to replace al-Maliki in the caretaker government may continue until the formation of a new government, according to new elections,

The search Talabani and Beecroft in Sulaimaniya the crisis of the disputed areas between Baghdad and Erbil, where he confirmed Talabani during the meeting continued efforts to reach comprehensive agreements terminate situation المأزوم and transferred Iraq into a new phase, called to encourage the parties to talk to the spirit of peace and abandon escalation and cramping media.

The U.S. ambassador held a similar meeting in Arbil with Kurdish regional President Massoud Barzani, who confirmed during the meeting that “what is happening in the disputed areas is a violation of the Constitution and the law, we can not accept at all.” “The presidency of the region sent messages to the political blocs and religious authorities in Najaf and Kadhimiya resolve this crisis and that the region will not block the door to dialogue.” The Beecroft part seriousness of the United States in finding a solution to the current crisis through dialogue and the Constitution, and said that his country supports all Iraqi parties without discrimination.

MPs in the Iraqi List, did not deny revelations informed political sources of Sunni agreement – to be Kurdish Rubaie substitute for the owners,

Attempts have been returned to withdraw confidence from the Prime Minister to appear again, which he referred to al-Maliki told a news conference on Saturday, stressing that he has procedures in this regard without that comes on other details ..

Rubaie has close ties with the Kurdish and Sunni leaders, as well as the strong support it receives from the U.S. State Department

SOURCE:  http://translate.google.com/translate?……com&sl=ar&tl=en&twu=1&u=http://www.chakooch.com/news_view_1261.html

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