Talabani discusses with US Ambassador and Officials, Settling Political Crisis

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Happy Thursday Dinarians,

Well, we have seen several “Talalbani” articles lately and they all seem to be him chasing his tail and sniffing Maliki’s butt….. eh hem!!!

Anyways, this article caught our eye as it seems to indicate that the US is getting really serious (as we expected) about getting this Political Crisis settled and getting this dang “RV” finished and done!

That being said, our best case guess / scenario for seeing any kind of “RV” would be at the earliest sometime early 2013….

Sorry, we know the Hack Gurus out there keep selling you on their garbage about it being on the 17th or 20th or some other BS like that, but just go back 1 year, or 2 years (or more if you can stomach it) and see what that idiot “guru” was telling the community then…. What’s that??? THAT HACK GURU SAID THE SAME DANG THING???!!! LOL!!!

Hang in there, even if you have to wait another year to become a “Millionaire” would it not be worth it to you and your family? Just stay away from expensive “Reserves” and “Lay-a-Way” programs that expire every 30, 45, 60 days – those plus Hack Gurus will drive you to the Luny Bin!!!

~ Mr. IQD

P.S. If you need a good dose of “Sanity” then tune in to The IQD Team’s Tues or Thursday night conference call – or listen in to one of their replays. 🙂

Talabani discusses with US officials, means of settling political crisis

Thursday, 13 December 2012 19:19 | | |

CREDIT: http://www.AllIraqNews.com
Talabani with US Officials

Baghdad (AIN) – The President Jalal Talabani received the U.S. Ambassador to Iraq, Stephen Beecroft along with the advisor and member of the U.S. Council of Foreign Relations, Brett Maikark.

A presidential statement received by AIN cited “The visiting delegation expressed the United States keenness on Iraq’s stability and unity.”

“Talabani, for his part, stressed the importance to stop the stress in media which increases current disputes between political parties in Iraq,” the statement added.

The statement pointed out “Talabani emphasized that all problems can be solved through transparent dialogue, the sense of responsibility, the commitment to the Constitution and take the national agreements into consideration.”

“Brett appreciated Talabani’s efforts to reach national understandings based on partnership and consensus in order to end the crises in Iraq,” the statement concluded. /End/

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