BREAKING!!! Maliki’s Plans to be Iraq’s “next Dictator” foiled!!! + LJ’s Comments!

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Happy Wednesday and 12-12-’12 Dinarians!

We found this “funny” (well, we found it to be amusing) post that LJ recently posted in his Skype Chat room. LJ also included his insight with his commments – to make it easy for you his comments are (IN BOLD).

Aborted Before Birth .. Internal Divisions within the Bloc between Supporters of the Entry of Maliki’s new Coalition and it shows!!
On: Wednesday 12/12/2012 06:45 am  |  Baghdad _ Sarmad بازوكه

A source close to the failed political coalition said that it was recently announced that a collection all of Saleh al-Mutlaq, Jamal Karbouli, Saad al-Bazzaz and Asim al-Janabi will align themselves in a single political bloc to contest the next election in a single list. (THIS IS MALIKI’S MAJORITY GOV’T ATTEMPT)

The source said that a disagreement occured in the rececent meeting that took place in Jordan, noting Mutlaq and Karbouli were favored to enter with State of Law coalition headed by Maliki, when Eastern Channel Manager Saad al-Bazzaz and head assembly mass Asim al-Janabi objected to their entrance.

Bazzaz and Janabi threatened to withdraw from the Maliki’s list in the event Mutlaq and Karbouli would join Maliki’s coalition who exercised political exclusion and marginalization against Sunni muslims in Iraq.  (THESE GUYS DO NOT WANT SUNNI MUSLIMS IN THEIR PARTY…CLASSIC CASE OF DISCRIMINATION)

Mutlak expressed his withdrawal from the Iraqi List and enter Maliki’s party was due to its reluctance of the new coalition and fears of Bazaz and for his leadership potential and implementing his own political agenda and his own media.

It is noted by informed sources the existence of meetings between Mutlaq and Karbouli with Maliki to study the establishment of a new political alliance to participate in the upcoming parliamentary elections. The source said “They started talking about the new political alliance over the “campaign of education” of the importance of this new alliance with Maliki in the political next phase in a number of cities in west and north Iraq, especially since the success of this alliance is that their values ​​are in line with these areas and provides political, economic and financial profits it has access to educational degrees and careers in the case of success of this alliance, especially since Maliki is preparing himself to be Prime Minister for the third term.

The same sources indicated that this potential alliance is still under consideration among those political parties and consultation, especially since this political partiy is trying to recruit Najafi in this special alliance, especially since Maliki has been stopped from taking land of Nineveh and Diyala, Kirkuk from the Kurdistan region and this is what will more than increase their popularity in those areas. (SINCE HE CANNOT GET THE DISPUTED TERRITORY HE IS TRYING TO LINE UP INDIVIDUALS THAT WILL GIVE HIM THE EDGE IN THESE AREAS…THAT IS WHY HE IS GOING AFTER MUTLAQ, KARBOULI AND NUJAIFI…INTERESTING)

He said the new alliance will be announced in the event that it is  agreed upon by the politicians and get the political consensus after the provincial elections to be constructed by next April to prepare for the parliamentary elections, especially that of Maliki’s popularity in central and southern Iraq combined with the popularity of Mutlaq and Karbouli in central and western Iraq and Najafi’s in the north of the country will make this alliance the biggest and strongest of the rest of the political blocs and alliances and one that is closest to the Iraqi street. ”


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