HOT!!! Shabibi Effectively Tell The Corrupt Politicians to go F-Themselves!!! WOW!!!

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Shabibi refuses to view the progress of the politicians to resolve the central bank scandal

.. Published on Tuesday, 11 December, 1/2012 06:35. | Written by: Spectra. | |

Amman / Orr News

A member of the House of Representatives rejected the former Bank Governor Sinan al-Shabibi, the settlement proposed by the politicians, on one central bank, pointing out that a delegation visited the former Bank Governor Sinan al-Shabibi in Jordan to discuss with him about the settlement.

The source said that the delegation assured Shabibi that no liability will not be
sanctioned if inside Iraq admitted that he is guilty, noting that lawmakers and politicians will believe he left out of Iraq after that.

According to MP, who declined to be identified, the Shabibi rejected the offer made ​​by the politicians, after telling him the delegation, which visited that he must take the corrupt financially billions of dollars since 2006 and until a few months ago, explaining that Shabibi will bear a heavy price, rather than politicians who trying to remove any suspicion about them because of the approaching elections.

Shabibi said the rejection of the offer altogether, and told the delegation decision in presence, stressing that he will not sacrifice his reputation for professional politicians are corrupt. Noteworthy that the independent MP Kazem Sayadi said that the results of the investigation in the work of the Central Bank revealed the involvement of six deputies of the Liberal bloc and the Iraqi List in corruption related to money laundering.


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