Allawi: Maliki devoted Corruption and Sectarianism

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Happy Monday Dinarians!

We love how Allawai rips into Maliki in this article!!!

They are clearly working together to sway Iraqi Public Opinion against Maliki by exposing him for the Rat he is!!!

~ Mr. IQD

01:40:10 / 12/2012

Iyad Allawi – Photo – archive
Khandan – accused the leader of the Iraqi List, Iyad Allawi, Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to devote corruption and sectarianism and political unilateralism.

Allawi said in an interview with the newspaper “Al-Watan” Saudi Arabia, that “attempts to monopolize and
unilateralism in Iraq’s political became clear, which is why were confiscated national partnership and circumvent them, and our side we have taken steps did not work because of international intervention and regional levels to prevent no-confidence current Prime Minister Nuri Maliki, these countries played a key role in the failed no-confidence vote, but we will continue our work with all national factions in Iraq to stop monopolizing the political decision-making and prevent the return of dictatorship to Iraq again. ”

Allawi said, “Corruption has become a sad and destructive phenomenon in light of the current government, has burrowed contributed to the demolition of the structure of Iraq and prevent the emergence of the state’s prompt.”

Regarding the further spread of violence, Allawi said “there is a group of factors stimulate terrorism and terrorists and lead to continued violence and extremism in Iraq, including what is economic, such as high unemployment among young people and increasing poverty among the people, and some are external, such as armed militias and enter foreign countries, in addition to not The presence of security institutions institution in a professional sound and true, and it is linked to policies of marginalization, exclusion and repression, as well as serious imbalance in the political process itself, and despite the efforts of the officers DISTINCT to eliminate this scourge, but it is also known no ministers, officials in the security institutions , where there is no minister of defense or interior or national security, as well as the involvement of the armed forces in the tensions inside even though it is prohibited by the Constitution, army, as is well known specialist foreign wars, and has no experience to take positions of the Internal Security Forces. ”

And about the fact accuse al-Maliki to head the central bank corruption, is it a new episode in the series of settling accounts?

Allawi said he “assumes that we have in Iraq the authority and government based on the Constitution and the law, but it is unfortunately, not with the central bank governor is an honest man, and not with others, is known among Iraqis that there substantive disagreement on hard currency reserves between Prime Ministers and central bank governor, where the government wants to dispose of the reserve, while rejecting the central bank, even keeps a reserve supports the local currency and the economy in Iraq, as well as, the House of Representatives already voted in times of times to remain the central bank under his supervision and not under the supervision of the Prime Minister. ”


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