Maliki’s Rats Are Jumping Ship and Letting Him Sink!!! LOL!!!!

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Close to Al-Maliki condemns leak information to us


Close to al-Maliki leaking information against him in front of the U.S. administration


Sin presidency of the National Alliance / owner Maliki
Mon, 10 Dec 2012 time: 1:57

That the mass of the National Alliance is the biggest bloc, and represent the majority of the Iraqi people so it is a political process as a whole, not to mention that the government is the government of the National Alliance therefore supposed to be the prime minister continued the alliance and not vice versa, and when things are back to normal should be chaired National Alliance most heavily Among the politicians in the arena and this Malldnah in the previous phase where the presidency of the National Alliance hub in the political process and was its president late Mr. Abdulaziz Hakim first figure in any crisis experienced by the political process, and this role played
by Mr. Hakim make the job risk and great danger to the his predecessor and his political future and the reason that Mr. Hakim was meant Iraq in front of everyone internally and externally to Maimitlleke Eminence of wisdom and statesmanship and the influence of both the Iraqi spectrum, and because it represents the largest parliamentary blocs and the largest components of Iraq, today we find the contrary Prime National Alliance receives instructions from the Prime Minister and moves under orders issued Last him, and was not able to do personal moral of the Alliance in the management of the country and address the crises that coming in Tatar on the political process, and after each meeting of the National Alliance met! News conference recited the statement appended as the National Alliance and expires after reading Balambeshr, and downright that there were grounds realistic if the presidency Alliance this including Mazkrnah of excellence his past and the political weight and the popular enjoyed and also chairman of the Alliance’s current does not have seats Alamqadh is! And grants over entitlement as an executive, a post Chancellery national security, was nominated for the presidency of the Alliance Katrdah him in appearance but in fact killed him and the National Alliance, Mr Jaafari political figure is supposed to be wiser to choose the location and Isahd any site not suited to him and he can not perform his role required in front of the Iraqi people of all factions, and the head of the alliance needs qualifications lacking Jaafari, including admissibility of all political forces and political weight and numerical within the coalition and the House of Representatives and both Evtqdahma Mr. Jaafari Flagueth Balchord unfriendly because of problems with them during his premiership for ignoring Mr. President of the Republic and its كحامي the Constitution and the Secretary upon Being part of the executive branch, and has no coalition in the House of Representatives only his seat as we said, and the result was inaugurated this site to double its reflected doubt on his position and therefore he can not object to the performance and work of the government and ease Sthaddamh to mislead and to silence dissenting voices to the government in the General Authority of the Alliance, On this For Mr. Jaafari said tends dress loose it and wearing clothes real preacher thinker landscape, politics may throats Mr. Jaafari and fired a bullet of mercy on himself politically or Astgvlh others killed him in terms of did not know stint this site, and enough disregard him and alliance that is described by the head of delegation Kurdish negotiator that he met with an employee in the office of al-Maliki did not meet the President of the National Alliance, which represents the biggest bloc parliamentary and popular, and the Alliance is a picture of the majority of the components of the Iraqi people as the ship’s captain, Faye malfunction or failure in the performance of the Coalition for the cycle to Aase’s Congress alliance, but also for the majority of all currents and parties and their audiences, Does Mr. Jaafari will comply with the reality or remain living dreams is not suitable for him and suited her …


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