Escalating Media War Between Maliki and Sadr

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08-12-2012 10:05 AM

EscalatING media statements between Sadr and Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, who accused the Sadrists’ OF adoptiNG illegal tactics to gain political and electoral POSITIONING, AND SADR’S GROUP reportedly those accusing MALIKI OF deprivING every Iraqi family of about $ 1,000 from the surplus oil revenues.

Maliki’s office criticized some lawmakers strongly FOR THEIR objection to the judgment of the Federal Court judge to cancel 25 percent of oil imports included in the general budget for 2012, THAT WAS SET ASIDE FOR THE CITIZENS.

In a statement BY the Prime Minister’s Office INDICATED that some lawmakers convene to adopt inflammatory campaigns in an attempt to win over citizens and generate compassion TO mobilize against A PARTICULAR POLITICAL PARTY, THE GROUP OF MP’S objectED on the rule of the Federal Court to try AND achieve electoral gains and mislead public opinion».

He added: these media campaign ARE misleading AND do not disclose the adoption of illegal methods THEY USE in achieving political gains or non-political and opacity violations by them only, TO express contempt intelligently FOR THE citizens and their ability to distinguish true from false, and those who work the factS to their interests and try to use emotion as a bridge to achieve certain gains.

He added: We call on everyone to take into account the values ​​of free clean competition and earn citizen satisfaction through hard work for his service and support legislation which IS in favor of building the country and the development of services and the fight against corruption and the rule of law.

We would like to clarify a number of facts about the Article 23 of the general budget bill that includes many of the paragraphs and not private distribution of the budget surplus to citizens.
He said THERE WAS not A budget surplus and claim a 20 per cent IS completely untrue.

The Federal Supreme Court Wednesday issued a decree unconstitutional spent amend the budget law includes the distribution of surplus oil imports.

The Liberal bloc representing the Sadr Movement in parliament, accused al-Maliki OF filING a lawsuit to stop the exchange of surplus oil revenues to the Iraqi people, WHICH WAS agreed upon in the 2012 budget.

The bloc’s IN Congress SAID that Maliki wOn the case, despite a surplus of $ 20 billion, OF THAT 5 billion was to BE distributeD TO the people, which WOULD’VE BEEN more than $ 250 per individual Iraqi.

The court considered canceling the distribution of the surplus AND THIS WAS SEEN AS A war THAT IS NOW BEING launched by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki AGAINST Iraq’s poor.

Muqtada al-Sadr, the day before yesterday, CALLED ON THE politicized judiciary to« reconsider the decision of the Federal Court urged BY Maliki AND to take responsibility before the people.
Sadr said in a statement that some MPs can appeal the decision to the Federal Court to revoke a paragraph from the budget for the distribution of oil imports to the citizens.

The president of the Liberal bloc Bahaa al-Araji, SAID that the Iraqi government denied family’S of $ 1,000.

He pointed out that the prime minister IS THE ONE WHO preventED the Iraqi people of their right to Iraqi oil surplus, even if such funds WERE dedicated to a particular party or of the State of Iraq was approved.


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