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Sadrists (new evidence): Maliki and the Federal Court Ejehadan paragraph distribution ratio (25%) of the improbable
By: Bayyna
Date: Thursday, 06/12/2012 02:08 am

The new evidence / Hassan Shahid
YESTERDAY, THE Liberal parliamentary bloc accused Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki OF filING a lawsuit against the Iraqi people AND cancelLED THE paragraph THAT STIPULATES THE PEOPLE RECEIVING 25 percent OF THE OIL REVENUES, WHICH WAS voted AND PASSED by parliament last year.

The President of the Federal Court, and all nine of its
members BY NAME are President of the Federal Court Medhat al-Mahmoud,
Farouk Mahmoud High, Jaafar Nasser Hussain, Akram Taha Mohammed Akram Ahmed Baban, Mohammed Saeb Naqshabandi, Aboud Saleh Al-Tamimi, Mikhail Shimon priest Georges and Hussein Abu Altman WERE ASKED TO cancel distribution of surplus OF oil REVENUES TO the Iraqi people. THE Liberal bloc THREATENED TO take legal Procedures and constitutional GUIDELINES not to remove THE requirement OWED TO the Iraqi people, AND TO MAKE MATTERS WORSE, theft OF THE surplus oil revenues, which reached a total value of $ 20 billion «confirmed a coalition of state law that the prime minister canceled paragraph 20, which relates to the allocation of surplus oil revenues adopteD BY THE Liberal bloc«.
The chairman of the Liberal bloc parliamentary Bahaa al-Araji SAID THAT THE Prime Minister filed a lawsuit in federal court to cancel the paragraph OF THE BUDGET THAT MADE IT A REQUIRMENT THAT (25%) of oil imports WOULD GO TO THE PEOPLE, Article 2 WAS first voted by Parliament, Araji THEN said AT a news conference attended (new evidence) that the prime minister wants cancel this paragraph and improve the living situation and economic habitat OF Iraq, THE Prime Minister IS ACCUSED OF cancelING a lot of laws and projects including 40 thousand GRADUATE degrees for our young graduates as well as cancellING of increasing the salaries FOR THE retirees. THE Prime Minister IS TO BLAME FOR THE lawsuit against the people deprive THEM of theIR most basic rights TO THE imports OF Oil. THE House of Representatives and the Liberal bloc WORKED TIRELESSLY TO HAVE adopted THE distribution OF oil REVENUES on the Iraqi people. For ITS part, MP for the Liberal bloc Maha league« The Federal Court MADE A decision to cancel the decision to distribute import REVENUES FROM oil on the Iraqi people after the success of parliamentS adoption OF THE MEASURE.

THE PRIME minister FOUGHT IT BY FILING A citation against his people in an unprecedented FASION «The league said, summarizing its (new evidence), that the prime minister controls the Ministry of Interior, Defense and National Security AS WELL AS the independent bodies INCLUDING THE central bank. After GAINING control of all independent bodies HE IS NOW trying to control the highest authority IN IRAQ THAT HAS legislative power, which represents the voice of the people.

Wondering, What causes THE hostility HE HAS toWARD the Iraqi people? HE TAKES control of oil THEN distributeS THE PROCEEDS to countries THAT support terrorism and fundS THEM INSTEAD.

For its part, said a member of the Finance Committee and MP for the Liberal bloc Magda Tamimi SAID that the budget in 2012 and reached the Parliament was then back to the government has been added to the amounts and was 117 Tlerleon and 94 billion has been increased to 117 trillion and 122 billion dinars, and this to compensate for the increased staff intelligence and staff in the Ministry of Environment «said Tamimi said in a statement summarizing its (new evidence) that the government and the Federal Court challengED the demand OF the Liberal block BY repealING Article II of the resolution budget to cancel the distribution of 25% of oil import REVENUES to the people after A payment deficit and STATED THAT this is not constitutional violation of Parliament« In the same vein between Member Economic Commission and MP for the Liberal bloc Abdul Hussein Resan «that there are some political blocs do not want to submit final accounts to pass corruption« said Resan in a statement singled out (new evidence) that the cancellation clause, 25% of the distribution of some oil revenues to the Iraqi people come within the distribution circle financial corruption and lack of delivery to the Iraqi people so Atnamoa oil options.
Among MP for the coalition of state law, Abbas al-Bayati, «that the Iraqi government has set up a lawsuit in federal court to cancel 20, paragraph and not a single paragraph« Bayati said in a statement singled out (new evidence) that the House Enter 20, paragraph within 2012 budget without any cover.
For his part, Orteurcil of Representatives and the Iraqi List MP Mohamed Khaldi «the cancellation clause of 25% came to the lack of door exchange for the money« said Khalidi in a statement singled out (new evidence) does nothing distributed in the budget balancing law and the law of no where any paragraph emphasizes the distribution of oil and wanted «stressing that« there is a surplus, but this surplus be within the Treasury reserve and not for distribution to the Iraqi people «.
The accused member of the Integrity Commission and the independent MP Sabah al-Saadi «politicizing the Federal Court for the government« Saadi said in a statement singled out (new evidence) that Maliki Cisse judiciary in his favor and we as an authority legislative say that the court Maalikis and not the Federal «indicating that« shrine by Prime Minister to cancel the distribution surplus oil revenues to dominate the government and the judiciary after its domination of the central bank and other independent bodies.


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