BLAINO – Still spewing out complete “CRAP” to his Followers!!!

HAT TIP:  Dinar Recaps (Dec. 7, 2012 – LINK)

Well, today we felt a little “fisty” and decided to do a little BASHING  of one of our Favorite Hack Gurus “Blaino” a true piece of work and consistant with mis-informing his followers!

If you have been following this “idiot” (in our humble opinion) then do so for entertainment value only, he has been only topped by the likes of Okie Oil Man for complete CRAP that is spewed out to the Dinar Community – frankly it still amazes us that reposts their garbage….

Have a good laugh reading the filth below – we have also added our own snarky remarks just to intensify your laughs!!!  Have a GREAT weekend!    🙂

~ Mr. IQD

BLAINO-279x300[Blaino] standby::::::::::::::::::: possible major breaking news!!!!!! Information in a few minutes! pandaexpress and texastom(okie’s smarter brother) are on this as we READ….  in the EVENT…. We will go to the phones to illuminate the facts for all!! [gee thanks you idiot!]

[Blaino] iqd “MAY”….. “may” now be tradeable  [is “tradeable” even a word you illiterate dumbass!!!  How about “tradable“? Jeeze, its not that difficult to use a dictionary or the built-in spell check!!!] …. We are on top of that issue NOW…. Hope this is not “SMOKE”….  no price changes so FAR… $3.22 (iqd) and $.29 (vnd) showing [Umm, Showing on what???  On “bank screens” – you are using that old recycled Bull-S!!!  Idiot!!!] and with a ust HOLD…. In the executive end of the foreign currency div of a MAJOR BANK. [Just more lies!!!  He has no more access to this than YOU do!!!]

Blaino] ok, we attempted a trade where the rates are showing, no joy YET… We are also hearing from the pandaexpress [Are you really talking about the fast food Chinese Restaurant??!!!] that “they” say that this is the NIGHT…. I cannot yet say whether we are building this house on sand or STONE… But as soon as the foundations of this are examined, i’ll be back! Again, we are making a diligent effort to bring the truth and nothing but the TRUTH [Really!!!  Blaino, you wouldn’t know “the truth” if it came up and bit your balls off!!!]….. “just the facts, mam!” i had due cause to elevate us back to dinaricon level 5 the other day and this days movements are evidence of the SAME….

Do not make any permanent decisions about your future or the like at this time, do not quit your job, etc. On this news as it now stands [Perhaps the most “sane” thing Blaino has said to his followers!!! He just needs to add to that comment: “forever never trust any “truth” that I (Blaino) may say to you“!!!]… However, know that running bthe emotional roller coaster is not our idea of a joke, and we, like you have a lot at stake both emotionally and figuratively…. So continue to be the best members that any site ever had, reward yourselves for fortitude and consistincy [Just how illiterate are you!!!  “consistincy” is NOT a real word – you probably meant “consistency“!  Really Blaino, how can you really expect people to believe and trust your BS when you can’t even spell simple words like “tradable” and “consistency” correctly?  LOL!]

More as we develop it…. READ MORE ON DINAR RECAPS

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