WTF??? Okay, so will it ever “RV” or what!!! POLL to get your opinion…. :-)

Okay, hello Dinarians,

Well, we’ve been sitting on the side lately just waiting and watching for any resemblance of sanity over in IRAQ.

So far the indication is leading us to believe that the tides have really changed against Maliki.

Maliki has really stepped in a big pile of dog poooooooo over the last four weeks!  First with the brutal take over of the CBI and then with the failed Russian Arms (scam) Deal, and then most recently with the desire to eliminate the Iraqi people’s ration cards.

This has really opened the eyes of the Iraqi people and also has demonstrated to Talalbani Sadr, and Allawai that there is no further need to allow Maliki to keep using “stall tactics” and also tactics that were employed by former Dictator Saddam.

So, we are encouraged by the news, and over the weekend and yesterday we saw even more positive news that really has us feeling much better about the eventual revaluation of the Iraqi Dinar (IQD).

We would recommend that you make time tonight (or as soon as you can) to listen in on the Conference Call hosted by The IQD Team.  Here is a LINK to our Conference Call Directory where you can get all their call in info.

Well, we do read your letters and comments, and want to thank you for them.  For those of you who have written in and asked us about holding Dinar, or to continue to hold Dinar, that is your own personal option and opinion.

If you have read this post, then you can see that we personally feel that it is still worth holding on to.  Would we purchase more?  Probably not, and especially not through a “reserve” or “lay-a-way” program.  If what you currently own is comfortable, then you should be happy with that.  🙂

Happy Thanksgiving (if you celebrate),
~ Mr. IQD

P.S.   Below is our Opinion Poll on the “RV” of the IQD


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