Notice: Are You Missing Your Email Updates?!

UPDATE – Dec. 3-4, 2012We seem to have lost our email database of those of you who were receiving our immediate email posts BEFORE we updated our servers.

Use the [+Follow] button in lower right corner to re-subscribe to our email updates.

Use the [+Follow] button in lower right corner to re-subscribe to our email updates.

It appears you will need to reaffirm your subscription by using the [+Follow] button down in the far-right lower-corner of this blog’s window OR top of the Left column.

This seems to have happened when we migrated the email database from our old servers to the servers, they didn’t “trust” the former email confirmations.

If you wish to continue to receive your email post updates, please re-subscribe to the email newsletter link.  We apologize for this annoyance.    ~ Mr. IQD  🙂

ORIGINAL POST:  Okay, so, we are a few days early, but we wanted to post this notice that we are currently migrating our website over to new WordPress Servers.

During this process you may find pages that have broken image links or even broken hyperlinks that reference back to the old URL.  Luckily, the menu system and the category system is in tact and you can find older articles the old fashioned way…..  Search for them.  🙂

We are working on the current posts to correct any problems, and working our way “backwards” in time to the earlier and first posts.  So, eventually we will hopefully get all the links corrected and photos linked properly.

All of our social pages are undisturbed: and

If you happened to find our page through the WordPress network, then welcome, and if you are an Iraqi Dinar (IQD) holder who has been getting tired of all the “BS” spewed out by the Hack Gurus in our community, then take pleasure in finding truth and security with our website.  🙂

~ Mr. IQD

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