Well, we're still jazzed about Iraq!!!

Frankly we hope that our election results will not hamper the RV too much – hey, maybe the fact Obama stays will actually push the RV faster!!!

There won’t be a “transition period” now to enable Maliki – Obama’s team and Ambassador can now focus 100% on Maliki, and he now knows there is no more time for his games!!!

Lets just hope this RV happens now so we can cash out BEFORE the “Fiscal Cliff” coming January 1st!!!

Been a very very looooong day – good night!

~ Mr. IQD

2 thoughts on “Well, we're still jazzed about Iraq!!!

  1. Ugh…..I’m thinkin’ this is never going to happen. This isn’t just a weary comment. I truly mean it! BO does not want anything to happen that will infuse $$ into the economy or we the people. Call me crazy! This has been a very long ride and it is my belief that an rv will be the result of a lop or a very small amount that will not give dinar holders any profit to speak of since we bought it from dealers who already made a bit (2% ?) right off the top……….probably knowing it wasn’t going to have large returns in the first place. Yep….I’m pretty done-ski. Any one wanna buy a couple million. That’s all I got. Lemme know.


    • Hello Max,

      Well, yes this isn’t for the “faint-of-heart” and if you are uncomfortable, then sell your Dinar. You can get a pretty fair price on eBay if you have a current eBay account with a decent dependability rating. Otherwise, yes the Dinar Dealers will buy it back, but we hear the premium is around 25% to 35% typically. We don’t make official recommendations of Dinar Dealers.

      The contention that BO doesn’t want to infuse money in to the American Economy may or may not be true – only BO and his close advisers know the true answer to that notion.

      However, it does not matter what the heck BO wants with regards to Iraq. December of 2011 BO stood with Maliki and announced that Iraq is a sovereign nation. That means that Iraq is responsible for Iraq, and the CBI is responsible for the “RV” of their currency.

      Yes, we have troops there, and thank goodness we do. In our opinion, the escalation of troops recently shows to us that in fact Obama DOES want Iraq to stabilize! Those troops are putting their “thumb” down on Maliki and his vigorous efforts to become a Dictator. The failed Russian arms deal was squashed by the US (in our opinion) because Russia would love nothing more than to make $4.5 Billion cash. And lastly, the fact that we keep Iraq in Chapter 7 is keeping Maliki in check, not allowing him to become the Dictator he wants to be.

      Overall we feel that things are looking really up for Iraq – see our full post we made today. LINK: https://mriqd.wordpress.com/2012/11/20/wtf-okay-so-will-it-ever-rv-or-what-poll-to-get-your-opinion/


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