Close to Maliki manages suspicious financial dealings with a bank in Baghdad

Howdy Fellow Dinarians,

We saw this article posted up on LJ’s Skype Room, and we wanted to be sure you saw it too!!!

What is great about this article is the “rats” are clearly fleeing from Maliki’s side and releasing proof of just how corrupt Maliki has been!!!

Enjoy and hang in there – it may still be a while, but at least the signs are showing now that the tide is turning against the Malik-ster!!!! LOL!!!!

~ Mr. IQD

Baghdad / Orr News

Informed parliamentary sources revealed all financial and commercial transactions to a deputy close to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki with a bank involved with money laundering in Baghdad. The sources said, who declined to give her name, said the deputy coalition of state law, one of the representatives of the Dawa Party and close to Maliki intercede for trading financial dealings and supply transfers cash to and from one of the banks accused of money laundering and frequented it linked to Iran, through a relative working in the Bank.

The sources added that the transactions for which the deputy directors relating to money laundering and the transfer of currency exchange remittances cash abroad within a complex network to ensure it reaches Iran suffering international sanctions. For her part, Parliamentary Finance Committee that the BSA outlined in his report to the House of Representatives indicators malfunction and money laundering operations and manipulation dollar auction, which cleared through just six Iraqi banks. The MP said Magda Tamimi said the report which was received by Parliament from BSA outlines clear imbalance indicators and suspicions in a foreign currency auction, which cleared through just six top banks operating in Iraqi capital, and pointed to the existence of many question marks about the work of other banks shrouded in mystery.

Tamimi stressed that the House of Representatives after the holiday will discuss details of the report prepared by the Committee calendar with BSA and an opinion questionnaire to the Parliamentary Integrity Committee on Information and documents presented by the report those violations to take appropriate action.


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