Outspoken LDLH Supporter Indicted For Fraud!!! Investment Community WARNINGS about LDHL!

HAT TIPS:  Finance.Yahoo.com  |  Seeking Alpha – Post 1 & Post 2

UPDATE (Sept 27, 2012): So, it looks like Patriot and his side-kick Proteus (a.k.a. Hack Gurus) were reading Mr. IQD’s website yesterday!!!

We must have given them the idea (and direct links to Seeking Alpha) that they STOLE WITHOUT GIVING CREDIT and blabbed about it on their crap Conference Call last night.

Thanks to one of our keen-eared Readers who tipped us off to this website they talked about last night: http://proteusprime.me/ – We don’t encourage you to go there, but if you do, you’ll also see one reprehensible possible violation of Copyright Law and possibly Plagiarism – they PDF’d the ENTIRE Seeking Alpha articles, and didn’t bother to provide links or credits!!!  We’re sure they’ll get a Letter about that.  This further makes the case for what slime-balls they are lacking even decent character!

We wanted to see how the Indictment of the BH Group was affecting the penny stock they were pushing (and we warned you about).

Well, no surprise to us there are some really good “warning” articles that were posted recently by Seeking Alpha.  We will give you a quick excerpt for each article of the two articles, and the link to go read their entire article if you want.

We want to be sure to thank The GEO Investing Team (Seeking Alpha Contributors) for their two articles – be sure to continue the link, they have lots of great investigative info and photos of documents on their site!

Also, if you want to see daily how LDHL is performing, you can go to Yahoo! Finance to track it – here is the direct link to save you the time of finding it.  🙂

~ Mr. IQD

LD Holdings (LDHL) Draws More Scrutiny As A Company Promoter Gets Indicted By Grand Jury

On September 21, we published our initial short thesis on Ld Holdings (LDHL.PK) on Seeking Alpha – Don’t Get Dunked In The Ld Holdings Pool Of Hype. If investors still choose to hold a long bias view after reading even more evidence presented in this follow-up, it is certainly their prerogative. But they have been warned. Our most striking finding will show that LDHL seems to be in bed with who we consider to be a less than angelic individual accused of running a $23 million investment fraud scheme. This should almost ensure that LDHL is heading back to near sub-penny levels any day now.

Outspoken LDLH Supporter Indicted For Fraud

Brad Huebner is an individual who, as we will show, has been instrumental in promoting the LDHL story. As an example, take this excerpt from a Huebner email solicitation, obtained from the web with a little digging:

“In the last 60 days this thinly traded stock has gone from .02 cents to .24 cents and we’re just now launching our marketing campaign to introduce LD Holdings to the Dinar community and beyond. Once you understand the demographics that’ll grow this Company, I think you’ll agree that it’s worth taking a serious look at!”

Brad and the BH Group Team

This screenshot suggests that the email was in distribution in December of 2011.

Well, in a latest development Brad Huebner was…. CLICK TO CONTINUE TO READ

Don’t Get Dunked In The Ld Holdings Pool Of Hype

Most of GeoInvesting’s screens consist of compiling lists of stocks to watch based on various fundamental criteria. However, we also follow stocks that we predict may be ideal pump and dump candidates or ones with stories that just seem too good to be true. We’ve published exposés on five stocks so far, Raystream (RAYS.OB), Sefe Inc. (SEFE.OB), Great Wall Builders (GWBU.OB), Dimi Telematics (DIMI.OB), and Organovo Holdings (ONVO.PK), all of which have seen their shares fall sharply shortly thereafter.

Once in a while we get lucky and make money by purchasing a speculative stock in the pre-pump phase, mindful that almost every one of these sexy stories will ultimately dump; the only wild card is when this will happen. We believe that Ld Holdings (LDHL.PK) will be the next stock to dump. LDHL popped up on our speculative screen on April 24, 2012:

After well over a year of no trading volume LDHL shares rose $0.04 to $0.06 on 24,000 shares. We could not find any press releases to account for the news. However, we were able to locate information in a couple of filings that could make this an ideal pump candidate. First, the company has outlined a new business strategy on page 5 of its 2011 10K that implies the company will grow to be a $420 million company in 5 years. Second, an April 19, 2012 8K implied that the company is about to embark on an investor relations campaign. Third, this same 8K disclosed that company just inked a consulting agreement with Financial Wellness, LLC. to assist the company in the development and implementation of its business plan. The consulting fee structure is highly dependent on near term stock performance.

Our article could not come at a better time as on September 17, 2012 the Wall Street Journal reported that:

The Securities and Exchange Commission said that it temporarily suspended trading in the shares of 16 more companies. The suspensions are part of a broader crackdown this year.

Although LDHL was not part of this…. CLICK TO CONTINUE READ

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