FYI — Ideas For Post-RV Investing – Alternatives To The Hack Gurus!

Happy Friday (TGIF) our Dinarian Friends,

Okay for a long time we have praised the Mutual Funds for being really good alternatives for Investors to consider after the IQD finally revalues to a much higher value that it is currently at today.  Oh, and it didn’t RV last night or Sept 1st as so many of those pesky Hack Gurus keep running their chops about….  But, you are smart, and you already knew that!  🙂

Well anyways, members of our Mr. IQD group are fans of The Ric Edeleman Radio Program, we have even provided some previous posts linking to his website. 

Well, recently he has been really exposing on his radio program the recent reports that have come out about the top leading Mutual Fund Companies for their lack of performance and also for their very high cost and fees to consumers!

Ric has also been a big proponent of ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) and so we thought if you have not heard his national radio program, you ought to do yourself a favor and go give him a listen on his website for FREE!  

BTW, If you have “TuneIn” Radio, either on your computer or your Smart Phone, its also 100% FREE, and you can listen to the recordings of his previous radio shows there also!

In short, ETFs have out performed the Mutual Funds, and also have been significantly lower in cost to you, and the best part, you can purchase them yourself through your own personal Brokerage account like TDAmeritrade, E-Trade, Scott Trade, or one of the others.

Since we are not Financial Advisers, and we are not giving any advice, and are recommending that you always go to a local Professional Licensed Adviser for Financial Advice (certainly NOT a Hack Guru in the Dinar Community), we will not say anything more about why we are so excited about the idea of investing some of our money Post-RV with ETFs instead of Mutual Funds!!!

~ Mr. IQD

Below are additional reading materials on ETFS that you may be interested in:


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