Porsche announces opening an office in Erbil soon!!!! WHAT!!!


Happy Labor Day Weekend Dinarian Friends!

First we wish to give thanks to all those men and women in America’s workforce that have made America the greatest Nation of all time!!!

Now, to this article….

First Mercedes…. And NOW Porsche moving in to Iraq!!! Now why would a Nation with a “valueless currency & economy need Luxury Car Dealerships???!!!

~ Mr. IQD

02/09/2012 14:21

Erbil (Rn) : Porsche has announced for the automotive industry, Sunday, announced the opening of an office in Arbil, the capital of the Kurdistan region during the month, according to a company statement.

The statement received by the Kurdish news agency (Rn) a copy of it to the “decision maker Porsche cars opened an office in Arbil in the 19 September / year.”

It is that several international companies for the automotive industry had opened offices in the Kurdistan Region earlier, most notably BMW, Jaguar, Audi, in addition to other companies.

The Porsche (Porsche) German company specialized luxury sports car industry with high performance, set up in 1931 by Austrian engineer Fardinand Porsche who designed the first Volkswagen cars, and is headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany.

SOURCE: http://www.aknews.com/ar/aknews/2/324282/

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