Remember the old saying “You can’t see the forest for the tree’s”?

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We just saw this really GREAT “Opinion Piece” from Just Hopin posted on the Currency News Hound site.

If you have not read it yet, we feel it’s worth a minute of your time!

~ Mr. IQD


When reading into the events mounting up to the speculated RV that is exactly what applies.

As a follower of the Iraqi news you must learn to read the news but also see the positive strides being made which is often cluttered by articles headlining feuds, disagreements, setbacks, delays, etc.

Since January 2012 we have seen major steps taken in Iraq. We have see steps to finalize the tariff law, steps toward WTO ascension, steps to end outstanding debts owed by Iraq, steps toward completing World Bank and IMF directives, steps to complete banking upgrades, steps to end Iraq-Kuwait issues, steps toward enacting the HCL law, and of course steps to complete currency reform (dropping zero’s / new currency) in Iraq.

What is exciting is much of these very steps are
headlines in this weeks news (just in the past few days).

I think Iraq is making a strong push to end most of these issues by year-end 2012 or perhaps in the early months of 2013.

If you say..”well they have done this in the past”.

I would say in part you are correct. They have tried and sometimes completed major projects toward the end of the year. But never has major elements such as a possible HCL law enactment, UN sanctions lift, and currency reform taken place in tandem with these other supporting projects.

So this is an exciting time for dinar investors.

We are now in the final quarters of 2012 and quickly approaching 2013. The intensity surrounding the RV is bound to increase and I ask each of you to remain hopeful but grounded – avoid (as much as you can) the guru and intel statements that will be made. Unfortunately some will have you believe the RV will take place every day between today and the actual day it happens – which is never good on the heart or the spirit.

As the time clicks down you may begin to see nay-sayers come out of the wood-work like they often do. Keep in mind their words are mere speculation just as those who believe the RV is real. Nobody knows how this will evolve.

I continue to believe this is a true possibility but I have no clue when it will take place, how it will transpire, or how much the new exchange rate will be…Nobody does. (Although its fun to think about at times, lol).

All we can do today is follow the stepping stones which leads us all on the path to what we believe is RV day and remain in prayer that our reward will be true and abundant.

-Just Hopin

3 thoughts on “Remember the old saying “You can’t see the forest for the tree’s”?

    • Frankly, only Shabibi will be the final judge of that. And “yes” we do believe that Shabbs will be back really soon, and that will be a very happy day for the Iraqi people and a really REALLY BAD day for Maliki….. 🙂


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