HOT!!! Talabani assured the parties FROM Germany THAT THERE WOULD likely BE Compromises!!!

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Just exciting to see great news like this breaking on a Friday – which normally is a slow news day for Iraq.

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Date: Saturday 08/25/2012 10:08 am

MP Fares Sunguri,  the Iraqi List – Expected THE emergence of A new crises in the absence of good faith by the political PARTIES to resolve the current political crisis, he noted that: “THE credibility of all the political PARTIES On the paper reforms and implementation of previous agreements WOULD HAPPEN immediately after the holiday.

What HAS OCCURED IS the same LEVEL OF  crisis AND IT will continue until the end THIS parliament.

President Jalal Talabani HAD a meeting last Thursday WITH the head of the PARLIAMENT, Iyad Samarrai. THEIR meetings and consultations IN Germany SPECIFIED the prospects OF ACHIEVING A breakthrough in the crisis BY reaching compromised solutions.

Talabani WAS QUOTED AS SAYING he said WOULD continue HIS efforts to bring theSE views upon his return to IRAQ soon.

Fares Sunguri, A member of the Iraqi LIST SAID yesterday that there is no agreement between the POLITICAL parties ON the National Alliance’S reform paper OR policy and all that will appear after the holiday IS A HIGHLY unlikely PROBABILITY that there will be a meeting of the PARTIES of the Alliance of Erbil 5 because TO DATE THERE HAS BEEN no meeting paper political reforms, he said.
“The proposals WERE SENT in Arbil/NAJAF LETTER (APRIL 28) for the formation of the government and IT WAS INTIMATED THAT there were agreements after WHICH WE WOULD SEE THE NATIONAL Convention, AS there WERE previously held meetings between the political PARTIES in Erbil and Najaf.”

Sunguri explained “THE Kurdistan Alliance’s CONTINUED problems WITH THE  oil and gas law, Peshmerga forces and the disputed areas WERE BROUGHT TO THE FORE earlier, HE added that “all things WERE MADE clear and THERE IS NO need to arrange THESE points again.”

Jalal Talabani, in a televised speech from the Iraqiya in his first appearance after HIS knee surgery in Germany REGARDING THE  National Conference and URGED THE POLITICAL PARTIES TO stop media campaigns and MOVE away from convulsive speeches, HE also SAID THE Constitution WOULD BE ADHERED TO AS WELL AS the Convention of Arbil,  the eight points that came out of Arbil Najaf meeting AND WOULD basically resolvE the political crisis, STRESSING the need to hold national meeting after returning from GERMANY. “

Mahmoud Othman, MP for the Kurdistan Alliance SAID the opposing political forces HAVE MET among themselves TO dialogue in order to resolve the current political crisis in the country THAT HAS BEEN continuing for months.
Osman said Friday, THE political forces as a whole and especially THE rival PARTIES HAVE MET TO resolve all the problems existing in the country, stressing the need to expedite the completion of procedures held the national dialogue because THIS WILL NOT BE the only solution to end the crisis.

He explained that “all the political blocs ruling and non-ruling are considered TO HAVE GREATER interests; more important than NEEDS OF THE  citizen, because if they realizeD that the interests of citizens COME BEFORE THEIR interests THEIR behaviors AND ACTIONS WOULD LEAD the country OUT OF THE crisis BUT THEY prefer their interests to reconcile the country.”

On the other hand, said former House Speaker Mahmoud al-Mashhadani, “said the current conditions of the country well-suited to end political differences through political reforms THAT satisfY the admissibility by the political parties.”
He called in a press statement yesterday the political PARTIES to “end their POLITICAL differences by THE USE OF dialogue and initiate THE political reforms,” adding, ” the political forces should be aware of ENORMITY OF THE conditions experienced by OUR neighboring countries which require access THROUGH consensus A shared VISION TO maintain the unity of the national and barricade the country’s unity.” .

The head of the National Alliance, Ibrahim al-Jaafari said previously THAT HE presided over a meeting of the alliance OF THE reform project THAT started by focusing on the first SECTION of  outstanding issues. And  recent meetings the leaders of the PARTIES showed support for the work of the Reform Committee, taking into consideration the time ceilings and procedures applied.

THE expectation of a member of the Iraqi Rashid al-Azzawi, THAT the remaining outstanding problems WILL OCCUR until the end of the age of the House of Representatives and the MALIKI government, pointing out that the age of the Council and the government will end IN (15) months (2014).

Azzawi said in a statement (of the Agency news): The Iraqi List sat down with the head of the National Alliance Ibrahim al-Jaafari AND reforms paper submitted by him was not there, THERE WAS just a collection of ideas presented and THEN THE demand THAT THE Iraqi LIST submit their ideas.

He added: that the ideas presented by Jaafari were positive to resolve outstanding problems and especially since the political process needS lotS of reforms.
Azzawi said: that political differences will continue to the end of the electoral cycle, and especially BECAUSE THERE IS NOS REASON THAT THE government WITH JUST  (15) monthS LEFT HAS not PROVIDED citizen services OR stability of the political and security situation only political wrangling.

A member of a coalition of state law the National Alliance MP Faleh Ziadi, that the national meeting take place after the resumption of parliamentary sessions (AUG 28, 2012), pointing OUT THAT THERE IS A desire of all the political PARTIES to sit down at the negotiating table.

Ziadi said: The bilateral meetings between the political PARTIES WILL continuE but TO date NOTHING has been set for the national meeting, adding that THEY will decide after the resumption of parliamentary sessions.

He added: next week WE will see political mobility, especially after the political PARTIES gave positive indications to accept paper reforms and the desire to sit down at the negotiating table, which HAS BEEN  rejected by some of the PARTIES.
And MP for the coalition of state law: that the paper reforms will be put BEFORE THE  national meeting for discussion and to reach a final version of the can resolve outstanding differences between the political parties.

The paper included three-point reform AND WILL invite all political parties to review the situation in light of the political crisis experienced by the country and invite the political parties to deal with the dialogue positively and put all the files on the basis of adherence to the constitution.

As well as to invite partners to discuss the important files and find solutions according to the ceilings in addition to the time commitment to the truce media.



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