Parliamentary economy calls on the government to speed up activating the new investment law Today

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Hello Dinarian Friends,

This morning we found this post in LJ’s Skype Chat Room.

We have heard a lot of recent news about reforms of the finance law….

So what caught our eye with this article are the quoted comments (bolded) from Maliki…..

Are things really coming together finally??? We can only hope!!! 😉

Have a GREAT Saturday!
~ Mr. IQD

Saturday, 18 August 2012

BAGHDAD – and babysit – The member of the Committee on Economy and Investment parliamentary Abdul Salam al-Maliki government to “speed up activating the new investment law.”

He said in a press statement: “The law Alastosmaraljdid included more than 70 material is very important in order to achieve the Iraqi economy and Advanced qualitative in line with global conditions and development where we see that such laws so supposed to grant the state’s largest attention and focus.”

He added: “The law will remove all previous obstacles in business investment and working to unify the efforts Alasosmaria and gain acceptance of everyone after he got a quorum in full Parliament was voting on the approval and send it to the government, but what we see that the law is not activated until today.

He explained: “The law will remove a lot of distortions that hit the Iraqi economy and reduce to a great extent of financial and administrative corruption in addition to that he will give more opportunities for foreign companies investing in order to enter Iraq and work by reducing red tape and procedures Altaqidah and constraints that make such companies alienated from Iraqi arena. ”

Al-Maliki: “The new investment law falls within the reform process taking place in Iraq through mutual understandings between all political parties where they can count activate this law is key to any reform effort because it includes processors to the problems and observations raised by investors in addition to the unification of references economic and investment in the circle or a single body of law through one save investors from the problems of dealing with more than one law at a time. ”

The new investment law allowing investors to work in Iraq and opening opportunities for them to contribute to the reconstruction … p / i


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