WTF??? KAPERONI – You and Steve Rolled out the "Crap-eroni" Last Night!!!

Oh Good Grief —  Hello our Dinarian Friends,

We really don’t know where to start with the DinarAlert call that was put on last night by Kaperoni and Professor Steve!  But, we will give it a try anyways!  🙂

Maybe it destined for disaster when Kap had forgotten to take their 300+ callers/listeners off Hold during the opening 11 minute monologue!  Kap, of course, then embarrassed had to restart the entire call and redo his monologue!


So you know what we are talking about, if you care, here is the call information:

PLAYBACK  LINK   —  or  — Copy and paste entire link into your web browser….

*Note the call was started and stopped due to error.  Fast forward 10 minutes AND 55 seconds (10:55) to get the actual beginning of the call when Kap realized the error!!! LOL!!!

However, as Alexander Pope once said: “To err is human, to forgive divine” – but, unfortunately we can only “forgive” Kaperoni and Steve for that error, because last night was a true epic train wreck of misleading information!!!


There is just so much to talk about here, but we want to point out his inaccuracies in a more simple format, you will then have to decide for yourself if you wish to “believe” or listen to Kaperoni.

However, since we just took DinarAlert and Kaperoni off “probation” recently, and he pulls a stunt like this, we are DOWNGRADING Kaperoni to Hack Guru Status!!!

We appreciate that there are many “OPINIONS” out in the Dinar Community – we even admit that we have our own opinion about what will happen when Dr. Shabibi of the CBI finally ‘pulls that trigger” and does the RV of the Iraqi Dinar.

However what Kap and Professor Steve did last night was without question a total and complete “HACK GURU” thing to do – on the level of Okie Oil Man, JonnyWG, BullDog75 and the other usual suspects!!!  YOU CANNOT DO A CALL WITH 300+ LISTENERS AND SAY FOR A “FACT” THAT THIS WILL HAPPEN THE WAY YOU SAY IT WILL HAPPEN!!!


Facts and figures are important, so lets quickly look where you mislead your listeners!

FIRST – Kap and Steve keep referring to the IQD / Dinar as an “Exotic Currency” which is INCORRECT – They are NOW referred to officially as “Emerging Market Currencies”.

Over the last few years the term ‘Exotic currency‘ as been dropped and those currencies are now included within the term ‘emerging market’

PDF LINK  —  (page 4 of 6 of this PDF)


HSBC December 2011  –


NEXT – What Facts do you base your proposition that the spread for Banks to sell the IQD will be 10%?  It is okay to have an opinion – but you stated it as FACT!!!  Are you crazy?

Right now most all banks are even insisting to Dinarians that they will not even be involved in exchanging (cashing in) the IQD currency – RV or not!  Now we all know that is nonsense, just to get Dinarians to stop calling the Banks and their Foreign Currency Desks!

We have seen many times where Dr. Shabibi has stated that he will come out with a managed float – if anyone wants to see what a “managed float” will “look like” – then go visit Kuwait’s Central Bank’s website and read for yourself!  It is a FIXED Rate – they don’t even list “buy / sell” rates, because it is managed.



Well, we could go on and on and on, but we feel this has helped to make our point!  Stating your opinion as the be-all-end-all “fact” and telling your listeners that is they way it is going to be is irresponsible and downright “hack-ish” and this is why we sadly have to say “good by” to you and we will chose to no longer list your call on our Conference Calls Directory Resource page! 

~ Mr. IQD

Tell us what you think – do you think Mr. IQD made the right decision?  Use our anonymous form below to give us your feedback – if it is really good, then we will repost it later!


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