WARNING!!! The Art of the Grifter & Con Man – Are You Being Scammed out of your IQD? Here's How To Tell…

T.G.I.F.!!!  And Happy Ramadan!!!

Well, we’ve been a tad bit quite this week, but we only feel it necessary to speak up when there is something to talk about!  We also did our “This Day In RV History” about all the Hack Gurus that were calling the RV – a FULL YEAR AGO!!!  LOL!!!

Well Dinarian Friends, today we need to talk to you frankly about some recent emails and messages we’ve been receiving about people who have already been conned out of either their IQD or their Money!!!  

We warned you a while back that con men like Hammerman, Blaino and Brad Huebner ARE “amateur” con men in our opinion, but please remember, even though they are still “amateurs” they are taking Dinarians for a ride, and they are still extremely dangerous in our opinion!!!

Here is why they are “amateurs” when it comes to running a con….

There are sophisticated con artist groups out there that have been so stealth that people have been bilked out of TENS OF $TOUSANDS and even HUNDREDS OF $TOUSANDS in USD all in the prospect of getting a “special deal” with IQD Dinar!!!



We received a letter from a person who had over $100,000.00 USD taken in a “bait & switch” con.  In short, they collected their money with the promise to get a very special rate on the IQD, and they would also be able to purchase it without having to identify themselves (i.e. no driver’s license, no passports, etc – totally anonymous).

For what ever reason, they liked the idea of being able to anonymously purchase $100,000.00 USD’s worth of IQD!!!  So, the con was on!!!

The con artist met with them at a very fancy respectable Hotel, where they showed them the 100,000,000.00 IQD which was being stored in a Suit Case!!!  Yes, it was real, they pulled it out, and let them closely examine any bundle they wanted – it was all real IQD!!!

They gave the Con Men their $100,000.00 and took the suitcase home with them!

However, when they got home and opened the suitcase it was full of blank paper!  Somehow the con men did a switch – it was like a David Copperfield Magic Trick!!!  But, this was not entertainment – this was their $100,000 USD now long gone!!!  

Long story short – they tried everything they could to get ahold of the con men, they even hired a top Detective Agency to try to track them down – to no avail unfortunately – all their names were fake, all their phone numbers were disconnected pre-paid phones.  They never did recover their money!


This con appeals to our greed and also our need for instant cash right now!  This con has taken on many variations here in the Dinarian Community – so the example we give below is to highlight the structure of this con, and not the exact details.

We received a message from a Dinarian who currently said they were approached to send in their 5,000,000.00 IQD to this company that will safely hold their IQD in Mexico for them, and that while they are holding their IQD, they will receive a monthly payment of $8,000.00 USD to “live on” while we wait for the RV to happen!

Reading this you’re probably thinking who would “fall” for this one, but we have received many similar emails, the location may not be “Mexico”, it may be somewhere else, and the amount of the IQD may be different, or the monthly payments may be different – but that is not the point – the point is IT IS A SCAM!!!


What is sad, if these people had used just a few simple, common sense precautions, they would still be in possession of their money!!!

Ask Yourself, does it all “add up”???

With the Mexico Scam, does it make sense to FedEx to a person / company 5,000,000.00 in IQD which costs you about $6,000.00 USD to receive on a MONTHLY basis $8,000.00?

No, of course it does not add up – there is no legitimate investment that pays that kind of interest – heck, even Las Vegas Gambling would be hard pressed to make that kind of money consistantly!!!  

So, if it is too good to be true, and it does not add up – just PASS on it!

Another common sense thing to consider, who are these people?  If the people who turned over $100,000.00 USD has FIRST spent a thousand Dollars on a Detective Agency to run background checks on these people, they would have saved being conned!!!  Funny they spent the money on the Detectives AFTER being conned – shouldn’t you learn from their lesson so you don’t suffer the same!


Below we have pulled up some really good websites that deal with the Art of the Grifter and the Anatomy of the Con!  Please take a few minutes and read these posts, and please share them!

Have You Already been Conned and Want to Share your Experience To Protect Others?!

We will be more than happy to republish your story, while still protecting your identity – use the fully anonymous form below!


LINKS TO ARTICLES (links open in new Tabs or Windows):

The Art of the Grift  — http://www.loststudies.com/1.2/art_of_grift.html

The Grifter’s Game — http://www.hardcasecrime.com/books_bios.cgi?entry=bk1&type=excerpt

It Looks Like the Montauk Grifter Conned Gordon Ramsay, Too — http://gawker.com/5885453/?page=all

We hope these articles will be helpful to you and your family.  And in a final plea to you, please please please please don’t be greedy – if it is too good to be true, then it probably is.  

Friends, be satisfied with the blessing of the revaluation of the IQD, that is just such an amazing event of itself, you don’t need to try to “one-up” or “get a better rate” or some “special bank code” – that is all garbage!  

You will do just fine if you purchase only the IQD you can afford, and wait for Dr. Shabibi to push that “RV button”!  🙂

~ Mr. IQD


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