WARNING!!! BH Group's Newest "Scheme" To Take Your Money (In Our Opinion)!!!

HAT TIP:  BH Group Direct Email Solicitation

What we like about Brad Huebner and his BH Group (what an “original” name) is that he is an EXCELLENT “Example” of what we feel are Con Men who will be running “Cons” on this Dinarian Community AFTER our highly anticipated RV event and blessing!!!

Those of you who are unfortunately “suckered” in to following this man who seems to have an endless supply of “legidimate sounding” con schemes – best of luck to you, maybe he is not lieing and maybe he has your best interests at heart and will make you rich beyond belief!!!  Of course, maybe pink Unicorns are real too…….

So, we were minding our own business and then we received this email, and have already issued a warning last week (see Post) about this latest “LDHL” scheme!

But, we know he will be selling this strong to those unfortunate enough to listen to his newest Conference Calls or receive future emails.  I bet Brad would just love to know which email in his list is ours… LOL!!!

Well, anyways, we have many concerns about the nature of his email below. 

We could not help but wonder how FINRA Compliant his email is, and is Brad even properly Licensed by FINRA to make such a solicitation of Securities???


Securities are among the highest regulated product of anything – this is not like selling a widget over the internet – there are rules and laws that MUST BE ADHERED TO!!!

One Exmaple (of many) From Finra’s Website (LINK):

Approval and Supervision (NASD Rules 2210(b) and 3010)

Web communications that meet the definitions of advertisements, sales literature or independently prepared reprints set forth in NASD Rule 2210(a) must be approved prior to use and in writing by a registered principal of the broker dealer. For example, a website or search engine advertisement must be approved before use. In addition, the rules require that correspondence (which can include email and instant messages) distributed to more than 25 individuals within a 30-day period also receive prior-to-use principal approval. For example, an email message that contains a recommendation of a security and is distributed to more than 25 existing clients must be approved. Firms may employ an electronic system to capture and document these approvals.

Now, there is a lot of regulation, so lets break this down to hopefully a little more simple outline for you:

  1. You must be Licensed to sell or advertise Securities (link to FAQ for Guidelines) – even if you are not directly selling Securities, but are working as an “Adviser” (i.e. Radio Host, Author, Writer, etc.) you must be Series 65 Licensed.

  2. Any offer to sell Securities must be made to a client that is “known”.  What does “known” mean, well in simple terms that means that they have you take a survey of questions that asks you your name, age, financial condition, family status (i.e. kids, other dependents), retirement goals, amount of earnings, amount of debt, assets, etc.

We don’t know if Brad Huber or BH Group is properly licensed to sell securities – let him prove that to you! 

We also don’t believe that Brad “knew” you.  Since we are sure he sent this email out to more than 25 people within a 30 day period – we believe Brad has violated SEC / FINRA Rules! 

But, who are we to “judge”, we will let the SEC / FINRA decide for themselves, and we encourage you to report his email to you as well. (LINK To File A Complaint)

This may be “Strike Two” for this man – see our earlier post which exposes Brad for being Investigated by the FBI for $3,000,000.00 in “missing” Investor’s Funds!!!

Question – No matter how “slick” Brad sounds – do you want to trust him anymore?

~ Mr. IQD


 LD Holdings, Inc. featuring Boomer 101
OTC Stock Symbol: LDHL

Website: www.ldholdings.com
For those of you considering diversifying your investment money both pre and post RV, I would like to present a “ground floor” opportunity with a Public company that I’ve personally invested in. This says a lot because I normally don’t invest in the stock market.

In the last 60 days this thinly traded stock has gone from .02 cents to .24 cents and we’re just now launching our marketing campaign to introduce LD Holdings to the Dinar community and beyond. Once you understand the demographics that’ll grow this Company, I think you’ll agree that it’s worth taking a serious look at!

I’m also working with the Company in the business development arena to introduce it to the WORLD. Yes, we truly are in a Global economy and the rest of the world is looking at investing in the U.S. companines and real estate so the website has also been done in Chinese and Spanish. The Chinese in the last two years have invested and made financial commitments in exess of $300 million in my home town, Toledo, OH. The Mid West is such a bargain to the rest of the world!

LD Holdings will be acquiring profitable American companies in the $25 million and under niche market at discounted pricing because most of the owners of these companies are Baby-Boomers born from 1946 to 1964. Every day for the next 19 years, 10,000 Boomers will be turning 65 and these business owners are looking for exit strategies. Unfortunately, banks are not lending for acquisitions, these companies are too small for institutional lending and too big for family and friends.

We’ll be acquiring these companies at Venture Capital rates without Venture Capital risks related to start up companies at three times earnings or less and taking them from the private market to public market at 8 to 10 times earnings. We want companies that have a younger management team in place that we can inventivize and grow the company organically as we cut all unnecessary overhead increasing overall profitability. The company is currently doing due diligence on several companies.

If you don’t have an online account you should set one up as this is the most economical way to trade LDHL shares. If you have any questions or need help setting up your account you can call me at 419-740-5219 or John Ayling, LD Holdings CEO, at 419-873-1111.


Brad and the BH Group Team

P.S. You know how effective Dinar 101 was we think Boomer 101 will help you much the same way to understand this outstanding opportunity.

DISCLAIMER: Although we believe that the expectations reflected in all our forward-looking statements are reasonable, we can give no assurance that such expectations will prove to be correct. Such statemetns are not guarantees of the future performance or events and are subject to know and unknown risks and uncertainties that could casue the company’s actual results, events or financial positions to differ materially from those included within the forward-looking statements. Such factors include, but are not limited to, changes in business conditions, changes in our sales strategy and product development plans, changes in the marketplace, continued services of our executive management team, our limited marketing experience, competition between us and other companies, cometitive pricing pressures, statements of assumption underlying any of the foregoing, and other factors.

Readers are cautioned not to place undue reliance on these forward-looking statements, which speak only as of the date made. Except as required by law, we undertake no obligation to disclose any revision to these forward-looking statements to reflect events or circumstances after the date hereof.

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