This Day In RV History – On July 12, 2011 – 5 Gurus Basically Call The RV because of Ramadan!!!

HAT TIP:  Dinar Daddy (Archive: July 12, 2011)

This Day In RV History – On July 12, 2011 – We Feature 5 Hack Gurus: Blaino, Delta, Frank26, TonyTNT, and 8ball who all in their own “spin” basically Call The RV because of Ramadan!!!  (see copies of their posts from July 12, 2011 below)

So, read for yourself!!!  Today, July 12, 2012 and all this week and even next week up to Ramadan you will be hearing these and other Hack Gurus claiming that it will happen because of Ramadan!!!

Letting History be our guide, the Hack Gurus were saying the same things about Ramadan last year!!!! So Don’t Be Fooled!!!

Think of it this way, if the Hack Guru’s were right, then it would have happened due to Ramadan a FULL YEAR AGO, or even 2 or 3 or 4 years ago!!!  So, obviously it has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH RAMADAN!!!

If it happens before Ramadan, then that is AWESOME!!! 

We will most certainly NOT be “disappointed”…. LOL!!!  Let’s hope it does happen this week or next week, but lets keep our heads and hope with a cautious attitude!!!

But friends, realistically we have to fully prepare ourselves for the reality that we are on “Iraqi Time” and may have to wait, maybe even another year!!!  We were of the many Dinarians a full year ago that were being lead around by our noses by these Hack Gurus back then and they had us all convinced that it would happen!!!  That is the reality, we must accept being patient!

But luckily, WE ALSO MUST RECOGNIZE THAT given the enormous amount of very positive REAL NEWS this time this year compared to what we had last year, friends we do feel like this time around we ARE really close!!!  🙂  It really is a different “feeling” this year!

But you know what, if we have to wait until September or even January 2013, won’t it finally be worth it to finally see this amazing RV event happen?  We sincerely feel it will be worth every minute of every day we wait! 

But, you are right, we are “tired” of waiting too, and we now keep ourselves better grounded with REAL NEWS from legitimate sources – not following these “onesie-twosie” rare articles from questionable news sources that some of these Hack Gurus latch on to and point to as their evidence!

Keep your wits about yourself, “breath” as Randy would say, and “Relax” with the knowledge that this will happen sooner or later!

~ Mr. IQD


7-12-2011 Guru Blaino some political figures…relate…they…under an informal Gag, they are informally watching Thursday, this week (the 14th) which I think is a lil strange considering the new banking regs fly on the 15th. The rate seems to be climbing with every time the date gets pushed, almost as if “they” feel they “owe us” something when we have sharp intel that later cannot cut the cheese!…believable… let me get back to you on that!

7-12-2011 Guru 8ball Allawi now has 101 seats + 50 Kurdish seats + 52 seats of the Alliance = Maliki is toast…Allawi is effectively breaking the deadlock…should be an exciting week…!!!

7-12-2011  Guru Delta we may see this RV in next 48 hours or less…the whole Iraq tax issue begins on the 15th…the 14th -17th they will have off  for holiday and the weekend… Thursday is a national holiday in Iraq – THEREFORE it looks good for them to RV before they implement those taxes, so the next 48 hours is a great window… we will be ready to cash out on Monday- if this takes place

7-12-2011 Guru Frank26 the IMF received the letter from the GOI – the LOI (letter of intent) – they sent it back to the IMF and it stated…the books of state owned Banks…were cleared – then the CBI … cleared their books… the… LOI said once these two banks and CBI are done then they have to RV their remaining currencies…so… now they have to RV their currency….They are on track for this RV to happen any time!!!  Shabibi  stated we were going to introduce the rate by the end of June 30th.  ALL BANKS are done and waiting … now there is NO MISSING LINKS to this RV – RI taking place

7-12-2011 Guru TonyTNT Before…the lowest denom was 100 but today the rest were issued.  Got that from 3 sources.  If all of the lower denoms were out today, something has to happen. Can’t walk around with a bunch of useless money.  People contacted us today and we are waiting for the photos of the lower denoms.  Looking good. Everything good. Think we are closer everyday.

Mr. IQD’s NOTES for Above:

Blaino – you KNOW how we feel about you, you scum bag!!!

8ball – go get a life and leave Dinarians alone….

Delta – you never had any credibility anyways…. EVER!!!

Frank26 says the GOI sent the letter to the IMF….  Really?  How did he know top-level “confidential” stuff like that!!!  Because he didn’t obviously, because the RV never happened a year ago as he lead his listeners to believe it would!!!

TonyTNT said from “3 sources” that all of the lower denoms were out today (a year ago) well Tony, they were never “out” we only see a 50 IQD note and that was out anyways you putz!!!



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