WARNING! BH Group's Claim of having 5 Trillion Combined IQD is FALSE & A CON In Our Opinion!!!

Hello Dinarian Friends,

We just posted the following in our “FAQ” section, but we wanted to be sure this NEVER gets overlooked by newbie Dinarians, especially those who are considering investing in to anything with Brad Huebner and his BH Group.

The below post came out from a Question we received by a listener that had listened to their Conference Call on July 9th, 2012.

Note, if you have questions for Mr. IQD, please feel free to use our anonymous form in the FAQ section!  🙂

~ Mr. IQD

Q: On July 9th CC, announced BH Group is offering “exclusive” Wells Fargo Bank Codes for better rates because they have 5 trillion combined dinar to negotiate, is this true?

A: Okay, we found the replay of that call, and several of us listened to his skillfully designed sales pitch presentation.  Gosh, he sounds so sincere and convincing doesn’t he?  Okay, sounding sincere and convincing is a common skill of the most successful Con Men.

Listen, lets get real, first, we don’t believe for 1 second that he has already collected a group that can combine over 5 Trillion IQD to get you a better “cash in rate” with Wells Fargo!

The estimated outstanding IQD is a little over 10 Trillion and the entire pool is said to be at 33 Trillion Dinar.  We would like to see actual and verifiable proof that he has 5 Trillion IQD in a combined pool to negotiate with.

Here is why we believe BH Group is lying to you:

There are 1 Million – Millions in 1 Trillion. In other words 1 Trillion divided by 1 Million equals 1 Million.  Therefore to have 5 trillion IQD, you would then need 5 million IQD Investors each with 1 Million IQD to invest with Brad Huber and his “SCAMMING” BH Group!

These outlandish irresponsible statements by Brad sound so “real” until you actually do the numbers!  Do you really think that Brad has 5 Million IQD “Investors” who are all holding 1 Million each in IQD?  Get real, that is impossible!

Another reason we don’t believe that scum Brad, it is estimated that only 2 – 3 Million people even have “invested” in the IQD.  And when you subtract from that number the Million+ people who have grown tired of waiting and have sold back their Dinar, then you can see that Brad is totally lying to you in our opinion!!!

He also announced some sort of public entity called LD Holdings which is a corporation based in Nevada and is for a Restaurant, according to its SEC filings found on LINK

According to the filing Dated May 23, 2011: The section #5 caught our attention…

5.  Litigation

In 2006, a note holder commenced action against the Company for outstanding
obligations owed by the Company. In 2009, a consent judgment was awarded to the
lender for the sum of $200,000. This amount is included in accrued interest and
notes payable as of March 31, 2011 and December 31, 2010, with no additional
interest to be charged. In 2010, the Company recorded gain from debt settlement
in the amount of $29,287.

If you take a minute to read their SEC Filings, you will see that this is a very very small corporation – since it is Nevada based, it does not list the owners, the only name/signature on this document is John R. Ayling, Chief Executive Officer – who ever that is, you decide!

What we really can’t understand is why is Brad wanting you to invest in a Diner?  One that according to Part 1. Financial Information of their SEC Filings has total assets of only $42,687 as of March 31, 2011 with Total Current Liabilities of $3,505,360 as of March 31, 2011.  Seems like they are “upside down” almost $3.5 Million dollars!!!  You Decide!

IT GETS WORSE!!!  Now, according to their SEC Filings for May 15, 2012 they are WORSE OFF A year later!  They only have $41,031 in Total Assets and their Debt/Liabilities has GROWN to $3,959,501 in Total Liabilities!  Folks, that is a sinking ship in our opinion!!!  We would NEVER invest even a dime in to this company or their penny stock which really is worthless in our opinion based on THEIR SEC FILINGS!!!

1 thought on “WARNING! BH Group's Claim of having 5 Trillion Combined IQD is FALSE & A CON In Our Opinion!!!

  1. Thanks for telling us the truth! You are the only person that I have found yet that seems to tell the truth to Dinar investors. Keep up the good work. Len
    [Note, Len’s email and last name were edited out to protect his private info.]


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