Bluewolf Calls RV @ "$5.25"!!! This Day In RV History – July 05, 2011

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Hope you all had a GREAT 4th of July and were able to spend time with your family or loved ones.  🙂

Well, our new feature “This Day In RV History” seems to becoming really popular! 

So, to continue the saga, lets take a laugh at that hack guru Bluewolf and his absurd chat 1 year ago when he was calling it…

Take a look at what we highlighted in “RED” below – his last line is just so “perfect” and “typical” of a HACK GURU!!! 

Have FUN reading their trash – and remember, the crap they are saying today, is recycled from 1 year ago!!! LOL!!! 

~ Mr. IQD


* proteus (BLUWOLF CHAT): DV 7/4/11 7:53PM

July 5, 2011 1 Comment

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July 5th, 2011 07:10 am · Posted in DOOZIES

Bluwolf 7/04/11
« on: Today at 07:53:08 PM »


[bluwolf] Watch out for banks they have been inform to say that do to the fact that the gov.does not have sufficient monies for this exchange,that they will cash you in at a rate of 2.39 now how lame is this
[bluwolf] A7 if a bank agent was to offer me this rate knowing for a fact that the official rates are 5.25 bank and around 8+ CBI I would spit in his face

[suebuilder] Anyone hearing any different as far as cashing out this week….what is with the $ 2.39 RV rate..where did that rumor start?

[bluwolf] Sue bluwolf does not work with rumors period just with confirm facts


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