HACK GURU….OR DRUNK….Kaperoni basically calling the RV Today – You Decide!!! + Today's Call Recorded LINK

HAT TIP: Anonymous Email

Happy Independence Day Dinarians!!!

Well, Kap may have not wanted to bother to record this call, but one of our friends of Mr. IQD did want to make a recording – and boy he was glad he did, because he was STUNNED at how irresponsible Kap was on this solo flight call without Professor Steve and without Russell.

If you can stomach the first 20 mins or so of self-love from Kap, then struggle through the 30 minutes of bland Article readings (yuck!) then finally we get to his “mind reading act” since he declares he “knows” Dr. Shabibi’s plans of the RV!

Don’t worry, we won’t make you suffer, this recording lets you Fast Forward (press 3) and Rewind (press 2)!

Kaperoni claims to have a “high level contact” that HAS CONFIRMED THE RV – and a translated “Arabic video” to also CONFIRM his claim that it “RV’d”!!!  – NOTE: It DID NOT RV!!!  Always check the www.CBI.iq first!

Okay, maybe Kap didn’t say it “happened today” but his calling of a “Special” Conference Call on our Holiday, “unrecorded” with urgent information is highly irresponsible to us fellow Dinarians in the community!

~ Mr. IQD



(641) 715-3900  PIN:  182028#
Fast Forward (press 3) and Rewind (press 2)


DinarAlert continues to be the leader in keeping its members on-top, informed and up to date with the latest news and information regarding the pending revaluation of the New Iraqi Dinar.

DinarAlert is excited to have a special (unrecorded) Conference Call…Wednesday, July 4th @ 4pm CST hosted by Kaperoni.

This call will cover the recent CBI articles as well as clear up any speculation in regard to the pending change in the dinar value.  This call with not be recorded for playback due to the nature of the information.  Q & A will follow.

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