This Day In RV History – July 3, 2011 – Sergeant at PTR says it RV'd at $5.25!!!

HAT TIP:  DinarRecaps (Archive July 3, 2011)

Well, today is a “two-fer” Tuesday and so we highlight 2 crack pot Hack Gurus!!!

What is sad, is this Hack tries to earn your trust by telling you he is a “minister from Northern Michigan”.  So what???!!!  Really, what does that have to do with the price of tea in China?  The truth is the truth, minister or not!  And a minister knows that TELLING A LIE is a SIN!!

Don’t let these hack gurus affect your judgment with their so-called credibility!

~ Mr. IQD

Hey, I’m a minister from Northern Michigan. My brother’s family has a friend in Kuwait. He picked them up a million dinar a couple weeks back. He called this morning to let them know that it had RV’d there at 5.25. I still count it as a rumor, but now that family is saying it’s RV’d at their bank in Kuwait… I’m a bit excited. Hurry USA!

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