This Day In RV History – July 3, 2011 – Calls RV w/ Attorney & Banker's Exclusive Rate!!! LOL!!!

HAT TIP:  DinarRecaps (archive July 3, 2011)

Okay happy Tuesday, but today is not July 3, 2011, but July 3, 2012, and the Hack Gurus are still saying the SAME garbage – calling for the RV every other day!!!  As you scroll down in the text below, near the bottom, I highlight in “bold red” the key sections!

But, what a laugh, they are saying their inside Attorney / Banker friends have special access to FOREX Rates and can cash in with signature loans based on the rate and the amount of Dinar you have!

By the way, this is the foundation of a potential SCAM perpetrated (which we believe is still under investigation by the FBI) on this community allegedly by Brad Huebner and his BH Group along with Rudy Coenen and his Bayshore Capital.

We posted about this potential scam, you can read about it here!

So keep this in mind, those sharks are still swimming and feeding in our Dinarian ocean!  Tread carefully!

~ Mr. IQD

Dewey’s Dinar Round Table Call Sunday Night- Featuring Poppy2, Okie, Dewey, Dusty
Transcript and Recording linkRECORDING LINK 74 minutes  (NOTE: RECORDING LINK NO LONGER WORKS!)(TY Katt at OOMF for posting the following transcript of the call (LONG))[dinarmama7]Iraq is a sovereign nation and inducted into WTO
[dinarmama7]If that is true, the RV has occurindigo
[dinarmama7]documentation will show up
[dinarmama7]they have several days to do that
[dinarmama7]his thing will rattle our cages
[albosdo]Poppy: This thing will rattle our cages.
[dinarmama7]My personal opinion is we will see it Tues am
[dinarmama7]new DFI manager named
[dinarmama7]new IMF completed
[albosdo]June 30, that has been completed, has been notified.
[dinarmama7]notified in paper, been on our global news
[dinarmama7]next step is for you and I to see this thing on CBI and Forex
[dinarmama7]and be able to cash in
[albosdo]All those things have been done. The next step if for us to see it on CBI & Forex & be in a position to cash our money in.

[dinarmama7]what I have been able to accomplish in the last couple of days
[albosdo]What I have been able to accomplish in past couple days I’m not privy to share with you.
[dinarmama7]not able to share all
[dinarmama7]I hold until I can confirm w/source I can confirm
[albosdo]A lot of good things I’ve heard but can’t share until I have a source I’m confident in.
[dinarmama7]Let’s all, next thing to talk about
[dinarmama7]we do have a very special guest who will blow your drawers off
[dinarmama7]Our security, and our sources security
[albosdo]BGG: This is about security. We have a very special guest on here later on the call who will blow your doors off.
[dinarmama7]I will tell you first hand, every single incident report re: bank, contact,
[dinarmama7]I have all their names, info, the bank, the town, all documented
[dinarmama7]I have it in my possession
[dinarmama7]we want to bring you the kind of information
[albosdo]Every single Internet report we bring u are a bank .. . I have all their names, info, towns .. . all that stuff is documented. But I want you to understand the kind of info we bring you on a regular basis.
[dinarmama7]we cannot share all of the information
[dinarmama7]we need to take out things that would get people hurt
[dinarmama7]I know there are those who are very distrusting
[dinarmama7]this is for those who are willing to listen and need encouragement
[albosdo]I know there are those who are very distrusting. If you listen; great. If not; great.
[dinarmama7]these people that poppy talks to on a regular basis
[dinarmama7]we cannot tell you who they are, they are the very best
[albosdo]What I need to tell you is these people Poppy & I talk to on a regular basis, we cannot tell you their names.
[dinarmama7]some of the bank sources, we cannot tell you who, what why where
[dinarmama7]we might have had 50 to 60k listening to call via recordings
[albosdo]Some of these bank stories we cannot tell you where they are or why they are because by the end of tomorrow we’ll have 50K or 60K people who will call into their branch
[dinarmama7]if only half called, they might be out of business
[albosdo]Understand that every single intel rpt we bring, we get this stuff firsthand.
[dinarmama7]we vet his stuff, we get it first hand, not off chat rooms
[dinarmama7]Bruce will come after me, a situation we have been following for a couple of days
[dinarmama7]a girl who is on our team
[dinarmama7]significant UST source, gov’t official
[dinarmama7]headed to this week
[albosdo]This one guy who’s part of our intel group, had some stellar info some time back, significant sources (UST), both said same thing, that we were headed toward early next week (last week), both told us awhile back
[dinarmama7]both have told us that here would be Washington DC folks and high value clients or high net worth individuals would
[dinarmama7]be starting cash out last Friday
[dinarmama7]we believe that happened, based on what we are hearing
[dinarmama7]we will follow soon after
[dinarmama7]we were hearing as early as last Monday
[albosdo]They also said that the RV would follow Tues or Wed.
[dinarmama7]She could be on here and I think she is fine w/how I put it
[dinarmama7]she won’t be hung out on limb
[dinarmama7]last week Tue or Wed, my friend and golfing buddy is on here tonight and I will refer to as Larry
[dinarmama7]he was on BOD of bank
[dinarmama7]he is not now
[dinarmama7]he was in bank when this happened, speaking to a member of BOD
[dinarmama7]a gentleman went past hem w/small suitcase
[albosdo]As we were talking a gentleman went past them . . .
[dinarmama7]made comment “Where is he going?”
[dinarmama7]the man said , that is his dinar, he is going to another bank, because we are not cashing out
[albosdo]Caution because there were two gentlemen with him.
[dinarmama7]Really, he went and asked him, and he said he was going somewhere south in TN
[dinarmama7]to cash out
[albosdo]Said he was going to the bank somewhere in the south of where we are in TN . .. to cash out.
[dinarmama7]Larry asked if he could go w/him and he said no and he left
[dinarmama7]he told him what bank he was going to
[dinarmama7]had a short conversation w/banker after that
[albosdo]Larry had a short conversation with the banker after that
[dinarmama7]the details were as conveyed to Larry that he bank had actually called him
[dinarmama7]in previous meeting he would make his deposit down there and make some of his cash back to local bank
[dinarmama7]next time we talked to him, was not bank he told it he said it was
[albosdo]Found out the very next time we talked to him it was not the bank
[dinarmama7]not that naive, did find out what bank it was for real
[dinarmama7]had gone down w/dinar
[dinarmama7]met an attorney had an appt to cash out at $3.22
[dinarmama7]as story progressed, it was an invitation of that bank to come down, put in their bank, and he could get a $2.5 M signature loan
[albosdo]He had gone down there with the dinar . . . had a contract for him to cash out at 3.22 . . . was an invitation from that bank to come down there and in exchange for that would make it very easy for him to get a sig loan.
[dinarmama7]the bank held it to further guarantee a signature for that money
[dinarmama7]talked to that banker that day and he said he would give us an update
[dinarmama7]at 2:00 on forex at .0285 it was moving, if it got o $2.00 he could start cashing in
[albosdo]We called that banker .. . at 2:00 . . . said it was moving . . . he couldn’t start cashing in
[albosdo]If you guys wanna come down and cash in a little, I’ll let you . . .
[dinarmama7]if it reaches the $2 rate, if you want to cash in a little tomorrow I will even open the bank for you and you can come
[dinarmama7]we did get call and he called to find out what he updated rate was
[dinarmama7]not cashing in, taking back to forex rate,
[dinarmama7]he asked why,
[dinarmama7]they said you will know Tues, don’t worry about it
[dinarmama7]Another deal, another guy trying to get same loan
[albosdo]But this deal is part and parcel of another deal . . . we were finally about to tie all these things together.
[dinarmama7]was not a cashing was a $2.5 unsecuindigo signature loan w/dinar @ rate of $3.22
[albosdo]It was not a cash-in of the dinar but a 2.5m sig loan.
[dinarmama7]BGG when we realized it was not the bank, that anybody carrying around that much dinar in a suitcase would not tell you where you are going
[dinarmama7]Larry and I had planned on taking a little dinar and testing the waters
[albosdo]Banker down there, he was more than happy to do whatever he needed to do for us.
[dinarmama7]The banker was happy to come in and open the bank for us and do whatever… CONTINUE READING ON DINAR RECAPS

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