"This Day In RV History" – July 1, 2011 — Bulldog75 & Bluewolf in GET Chat CALL THE RV!!!

HAT TIP:  DinarRecaps (archive 07/01/2011)

Okay, we know we are actually on July 2nd today, so this is really 1 year + 1 day, but what the heck, we felt you would enjoy these blatant HACK GURU’s calling the RV 1 year ago!!!

So, please ask yourself, are you still willing to trust these hack gurus and clowns who prey on us members of the Dinarian Community???!!!  You don’t say: “RV now done.” without FIRST verifying that fact – and that is very easy to do, you would first go to www.CBI.iq to verify!

~ Mr. IQD


4:07 PM [Bulldog75] My Friends. Blessings. I am the Messenger. As of 4pmEST: Markets are stable; dow up 165; gold, silver, oil down but stable. Capitol Congressman bank in DC still selling currency; Also TX banks. that ends at 6pm today. RV now done. chase, BofA will buy on Tues; ready to take a # and get in line. Private buyers best best as suggested in our group. World Bank/imf will HOLD release of RV til later this weekend. Fragile markets if too much, too quick. Deliberate three day break to soften info to Wall Street. Best to hold currency a few days til dust settles. Most banks and Wall street have no idea whats happening and they will be 12-24 hours behind data til Yahoo, World Markets, TV get info. WBank/imf holding info long as possible, now til Tues am. To their benefits at requests of Presidents and World Market Influence behind scenes. Fed Exp delivering many packets to WHouse. 250 billion inflow confirmed to CB. Protect your family now. Remove your names from Tax rolls to “property owner”. Take extreme caution. Be with someone.

4:09 PM [Bulldog75] Yuan up 2% over USD. Consider converting funds to Chinese Banks in NY or LA. there are only 3. Extreme caution with USD. Reports of maybe tanking soon.

4:09 PM [Bulldog75] No chasing of stocks. LEt those markets settle.

4:10 PM [bluwolf] Listen all these banks have given out bogus news these days,we are not changing that currency,we dont work with terrorists money,whats a dinar,will not cashin even if it rv,we are not basil 3 complient etc. but the bottom line most will cashin

4:10 PM [bluwolf] Period

4:12 PM [LRH1256] Bulldog75 ….do you know if Wells Fargo is going to cash in……..as one of the big banks.????

4:12 PM [Bulldog75] Wells Fargo; no go.

4:13 PM [bluwolf] I know that boa and chase in Orlando will be cashing in

4:17 PM [Bulldog75] Info shows Wells F. backed out.

4:17 PM [bluwolf] Well see you later

4:18 PM [Bulldog75] Tax roll info: Anyone can punch into your local County Tax roll if they have your name and find where you live; therefore, remove your name and replace it with “Property Owner”. very legal.

4:19 PM [Bulldog75] PROTECT your homestead and where you live. This is absolutely #1 crucial and today is NOT to early. Do it Tuesday to protect your families.

4:21 PM [bluwolf] Security no names or addresses,nor states please be safe

4:22 PM [Bulldog75] Am getting private questions: Remember, when ALL markets and banks are closed finally this weekend; this is the greatest probability of RV Info release data. It will come gradually. All Airwaves are being controlled to gradually release so as to not invoke some panic attack and run.

4:27 PM [bluwolf] Sovergn country= rv

4:28 PM [bluwolf] Remember that

4:28 PM [bluwolf] Bye

4:28 PM [Bulldog75] Experienced agents at the largest banks at the largest locations. Not reveiled where but you can ‘bank’ on Dallas, Houston, San Antonio (Texas).

4:32 PM [NavyVet] So Tues is cashin day and can’t be delayed?

4:33 PM [bluwolf] Navy vet yes sir

4:34 PM [Bulldog75] In Closing: Cherish and love your families this weekend. Forget about cash outs til Tues/Wed; maybe even Thursday. This is the largest transfer of wealth ever since the beginning of time. It may take a week from now for all the dust to settle; nothing over night or 24 hours. Be patient. Be kind. Be thankful. This Blessings is to be cherished as You cherish your family. Love and Blessings til tomorrow.

4:40 PM [bluwolf] Well must go now bad weather storm in area take care now and behave ok

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