CAUTION!!! “Bank Package Schemes” – It’s NOT the Hack Guru’s you know – They ARE Being DUPED / CONNED Also!!!

HAT TIP:  (@ bottom of pate – July 1, 2012)

Happy July 1st Friends!!!

We are not going to go in to a “rant” today about all of those Hack Gurus that were swearing it was happening in June – we already made our point in our article “Hurry Up and Wait!“.

Today, we were sent this blog post by “Mr Bentley” who makes a very valid point and argument which reflects our same points about using common sense to protect yourself from these con artists that are preying over our Dinarian Community like a bunch of starved vultures!!!

We hope you enjoy his article below, and we hope you will be able to learn from it, or if you are already mindful, hopefully you can direct some of your friends who are not as knowledgeable as you are to this article so they can learn to protect themselves also!

Have a GREAT Sunday!

~ Mr. IQD

I have replaced our normal chat comments today with this post – an excellent read and thanks Mr. Bentley!!

I left this warning in the Blog one more day – IT’S THAT IMPORTANT!! Be very careful about who you allow to have your personal information. It will be out in open (soon) as to who are the main actors at the core of these “bank package schemes” are – it’s not the Guru’s you know and love – it’s possible they are being DUPED as well (best case). You will be furious when the truth comes out.

I have been hearing about, “Bank Deals” for months and months.  Every “deal” I’ve checked out, was a hoax.  I know bankers and bank procedures pretty well.  I have 9 bank accounts with 4 different banks.  I have been in business for myself most of my life and currently  own two businesses.  The bank Presidents I speak to say, “we won’t know anything in the local banks, until the final button is pushed”.  Even the Regional Banks do not know for sure because this thing has changed so many times.  They are sick and tired of the questions and have quit giving out any information.

A few “whales” have negotiated some fringe benefits or side deals based on the movement of additional large Commercial Loans or other hefty deposits,  financing projects, etc.  in conjunction with their exchange, but he’s going to get the same “exchange rate” as any other client at that bank.  What do you think would happen if one “minnow” like you or me, ratted a bank out for giving a “whale” a better International Currency Exchange Rate than us common folk?

I just happened to be in Tampa at the time all the Wells Fargo “Yuppies” were there getting training on the Da La Rue machines and “currency exchange” procedures” so I know for a fact, they were there.  They didn’t send all those people there for milk, some fig newtons and a fire-side pep rally on housing foreclosures….but nothing came about.  Why? because they are on the same merry-go-round we are on.  Its the “Pump-go-round” at  the “Misconception Circus”.  They thought is was about to happen and perhaps it really was set to happen.  Just like the other 50 times it should have happened this year….and didn’t).

I was asked the other day, “are you keeping up with all the bank deals?”  I said, “I sure am”!  ” I want to make certain I don’t go to any of them!”    I think the latest deal out there reads something like….”call us, give us your info so you will be the first to cash in at a rate no one else will get”.  That’s B.S.!  (B.S. is a Baptist term for…”Better Sleep-on-it”) .

Take a time out and ask your common sense to sit with you for a moment and just talk.  (You know, like you used to before he left about a year ago for parts unknown).  Give someone your name, address, and other vital information probably including how much Dinar you have….and they will put you on their list.  Really?  What list?  the “priority list of scam targets”?  You might as well send them your Dinar to hold for you while you are out getting that bullseye tattooed on your forehead!

I’m not saying that everyone offering a “Bank Deal” is crooked. Or that there may not be some type of legitimate, “deal” of some sort for a group.  But I DO NOT BELIEVE that banks have the luxury of offering the next person in line a different exchange rate that the man with the suitcase in front of him.  There may be fringe benefits based on the length of time the deposits must remain in the bank, etc.  But, I believe the actual “exchange rate” must be the same.

We have been told that here are some pretty heavy hitters that have already been “taken” and some who were very close to being taken in scams represented as a, “bank deal”.  Some are still shaking from the experience. 

Lets just check the list of things that would have to happen….

* First, you need to find someone you know and trust personally, who’s integrity is beyond question, and that you would be willing to trust with your entire estate.  (there are some out there, but ya gotta look hard).

* Next:  he needs to have an “in” with a banker that you don’t have and cannot get.

* Then: that banker needs to have the same compassionate heart and pure motive that your friend has and is willing to work on something special, just for you.

* Next:  The Banker has to have an “in” in Upper Management who is willing to risk his/her job to leak info the branch grunts on the front line..

* And:  Upper Management has to have an “in” somewhere where information is totally accurate so they can make a deal for the future that they can commit to and live with…by-the-way, where the heck is that place?

* Finally, ask yourself… am I really that lucky?

I don’t want to be a wet blanket but – C’MON people!! You need to start thinking or you are going to be poorer than you were before this thing ever started.

Don’t share any information about yourself, your plans or the amount of Dinar you have.  DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH, make your deal and live with it.  that is not to say, don’t get help from professional’s when the time comes,  Just quit depending on someone else to make your initial deal(s) for you.  You were smart enough to invest in this, be smart enough to protect it.  Then, get tax and investment counsel from the people you can now afford to hire!  Make your own deal.  Tailor it to your specific needs

Unfortunately, the ones who will get hurt the worst on this “exchange” are the same ones that have never researched a thing.  They just read, complain, listen to CC’s and comment on those that do.  And when they get hurt, they will blame the lousy advise and incorrect information they got in the “Chat rooms, blogs and Guru’s”.

I quit giving out advise on the Dinar a couple years ago when it suddenly dawned on me that I was setting myself up as a “professional Dinar advisor”. BUT JUST FOR YOU GUYS,  I WILL COME OUT OF THAT CLOSET ONE MORE TIME AND GIVE YOU THE BEST ADVISE YOU WILL EVER GET – GUARANTEED!   … Don’t take too much advice!!!

…even mine!


Footnote: Mr. Bentley is a close personal friend with significant banking, currency and overseas contacts. He is “the real McCoy” – unlike some of the other “enigmas” out there.

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