HOT! Blaino ("Draino") Calls RV – 1 Year Ago Today! – MrIQD's This Day In RV History!

HAT TIP:  Dinar Daddy (Archive: June 28, 2011)

Blaino (“Draino”) sent out an email today (June 28, 2012) stating that there is an urgent call tonight because has reached Dinaricon Level 5!!!

Well, we quickly did an internet search, and found several other times including in May 2012, and December 2011, that he has already called for a “Dinaricon Level 5” – which is his “code” for its gunna RV NOW!!!

But, the gem for our new feature “This Day In RV History” is found on DinarDaddy’s website’s Archive reprinted below (with direct link), and the screen shot provided. 

Blaino calls for RV on June 27, 2011 – yes folks, he was saying the same ‘urgent dinaricon level 5’ garbage a full year ago!!!

In our opinion you need to stay far away from this crackpot hack guru and his side kicks including Hammerman!  We feel they are just trying to steal your private information, and we feel they have a proven track record of being untrustworthy in the Dinarian Community!  Don’t support them, Don’t purchase their products and legal Trusts!  You should always seek your own LOCAL Professional help!

~ Mr. IQD


* Blaino Update: Planet Dinar 5/27/11 Evening

May 28, 2011 Leave a Comment

Source: Dinar Daddy’s Tidbits

May 28th, 2011 05:53 am · Posted in DOOZIES

Blaino Claims wil rv this weekend,TAKEN FROM ANOTHER SITE

6:17 PM
[Blaino] Citizens of, visitors and guests… I thought an update was in order… been a long, long day…. no sleep so far since night before last… so running on empty. Anyway, It appears that that we will be seeing the rate more like Sunday morning…. they were discussing it and according to a report available on at least one San Diego TV station this morning, deciding the rate there today. Doubtless done at this hour. Anyway, logic points out that we will be watching over the long (and even longer when you’re waiting) holiday weekend for the rate and the ability to begin some cash in stuff next week, maybe Tuesday! Remember that the first mouse doesn’t usually get the cheese. We have some strategies poised and ready, depending on the rate, fuse (don’t ask just now) and additional structure and cattle “guards” the infamous “THEY” put in to “help, guide and assist us”…. through the process. The problem lies in the future and like a fire cannot be extinguished until you see it and therefore till it’s going…. just makes sense, really. Apologies all around to the uninformed, impatient and those with out the will, mental toughness and drive to see this through to the logical end. Poppy2 has told you, Okie too, Studley, Rich Queen…. I can go on… however those of you that plaintively and poutingly await the spoon feeding… will start to have a lil hungry spot in your craw if you lack initiative or direction.

BREAKING NEWS::::::: I DO NOT CONTROL IRAQ! So, overlook a very tired “ole Man” with a low tolerance for Bull puckey, and lets all enjoy the weekend with a positive expectancy and a mustard seeds worth of faith.

Thanks for your kind attention!

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