Hurry Up and Wait — Current Situation with the RV + Analysis by MrIQD

UPDATE: July 2, 2012 –  Hello hello!  Well, as we said in this original post, we would not be surprised if Maliki would figure out a way to drag this out to early or mid July or beyond.  And, here we are now in to early July!

Are we “happy” it has not RV’d yet – heck NO, we would LOVE for it to have happened already by now!  We must remember that it won’t happen just because some hack guru says it will – this is a major event which depends on many small events to happen first! 

Do we feel we are “close” – yes, based on the events that are reported in legitimate Iraqi news sources, as well as legitimate International news services like Reuters, Wall Street Journal and others. 

Are we willing to buy a “reserve” based on our feelings – absolutely NO!!!  We don’t feel purchasing a “reserve” is ever a good idea.  If you feel you want more IQD, that is for only you to decide when you are ready, just keep in mind that we recommend you just purchase only what you can afford, if any at all!  🙂

The important thing we wish for you to remember is to stay away from hack gurus and their garbage of calling the RV every other week…

Well, in fact, as our new Category segment “This Day In RV History” illustrates bluntly, we feature hack gurus and THEIR WORDS, calling the RV…. But, a full YEAR AGO!!!  So, PLEASE TAKE A STAND, AND PLEASE STOP SUPPORTING THEM, DON’T GO TO THEIR WEBSITES, DON’T CLICK THEIR BANNER ADS, DON’T BUY THEIR CRAP!!!

UPDATE: June 25, 2012 –  We wanted to let you know that we just posted a GREAT link to a Recorded Call that was done today between Debbie and Mike from The IQD Team and LJ and his Next Step Team – we VERY HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU READ/LISTEN TO THIS CALL.  Click Here to get the Post!

Rather than post a bunch of news articles we have been abstaining from this on purpose.

As you know, we don’t have ANY form of Advertising on our website – therefore we don’t feel the pressure to get web traffic and hits just for the sake of generating Google Ad revenue! TIP: If you don’t like a hack guru’s website – don’t click on ANY of their banner ads!

Okay, back to this posts purpose….

We have been going over dozens of news articles each day, and we have been listening to many of our favorite Conference Calls, including: Randy Koonce, Fresh, WangDang, The IQD Team and Dinar Alert, and we feel we have come to a consensus of where we are at currently with this RV.

Like it or not, we believe we will have to wait till the end of June at best – and most likely in to early or mid July to see any chance for an RV – but be cautioned, this is just our opinion! Don’t go out and purchase “reserves” of Dinar based on our humble opinion.

Here is why we feel as we do…

Parliament will not reconvene now until June 21st, a Thursday, the last day of their “business week” as they have Friday’s off for Religious Reasons.  So, don’t count on anything happening until the 23rd or even Sunday the 24th.

Then, it may take them a day or two after that to actually have enough members show up for quorum either due to tardiness or due to stall tactics initiated by Maliki.  So, now we could be at the 26th or 27th of June.

Meanwhile, Dr. Shabibi (the head of the CBI) will be flying out now for a global banking conference in Europe – so, he will not be in Iraq to “pull the RV trigger”.

Back to Parliament…  We feel they will need to implement the Article 140 (HCL) Law regardless of what happens to Maliki, before Dr. Shabibi will RV the IQD currency – reason being that Shabibi will want confidence that the oil contracts will be “legal” and not disputed between the provences and Baghdad – as in the current case with EXXON and other oil companies – A big dispute between Maliki (Baghdad) and the Kurdistan region (Allawai/Talibani/Barzani).

So, if we look for the 140 / HCL Law to be implemented, this is a big milestone in what we believe will give confidence to Dr. Shabibi – he has to know that the money issue has been resolved!

Once the money is flowing as consistently as the oil, and the International Contractors can feel confident that they are making contracts with legal authority, this Iraq economy and private sector will really take off!!!

We hope this has given you some good insight as to what to mostly concern yourself over and what to look for.

So, watch for the HCL / Article 140 being implemented, this is the number 1 key we feel.  The reason for the vote of no confidence of Maliki is because he has refused to implement this agreement (which he has already signed his name to, but he has not “announced it”).

Don’t expect this RV to happen now for another two or three weeks at the minimum in our opinion.

~ Mr. IQD

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