Randy Koonce Email – Friday Evening – June 1 2012

HAT TIP:  Randy Koonce Email

How you Makin it

Just dropping a note to keep you up on what is happening… Parliament convened and the paperwork was submitted to remove Maliki. Maliki now has 3 days to respond, we should see some movement tomorrow to that effect in the paper there would be options for Maliki

1. would be to announce the GOI
2. would be to resign
3. to go through the no confidence vote.

Since paperwork is in they have 3 days before the vote so now we wait for the parliament to be called into session which could happen on Sunday or Monday…..

If we get that far then they vote and Maliki would be gone, they then have 7 days to replace maliki with someone else.

The News is moving fast this stuff should show on main news agency.

Breathe Maliki is still in until the above happens but we are beginning to get on a time table.

Once one of the three things above starts then we will have a time table……..

So breathe and relax things are coming to an end. I hope this helps.

Good Question………..Next Question.



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