Maytham Fartusi: extensive security preparations in anticipation of an important political event in the country in the coming hours!



Architecture (IBA) .. The Deputy Chairman of the Commission on Security and Defense Council of the province of Maysan Maytham gesture Fartusi security preparations for making extensive and intensive anticipation of a political event in Iraq in the coming hours.

He said Fartusi in a statement received by the independent press (Iba) a copy of that the security preparations were the result of the suffering of the country in general to the disintegration of political, certain that the great hope forces the security of the army and police to remain at the same distance from all political parties, which converge once diverge again, and that requires a professional to provide security only.

He Fartusi We are watching Pkthb Maidor in the Iraqi political arena and the meeting which was held in Basra Thursday does not represent only the two communities only, and that the provincial councils, both in the center or the south is assembled on regions and Mathaddthoa its consensus that the provinces just (daydreaming). (End)



Architecture (IBA) … Deputy Chairman of the Committee on security and defence in the Maysan Governorate Council maytham Al-fartusi gesture on massive security preparations and extensive anticipating political event in Iraq in the coming hours.

The cleric, said in a statement received independent press agency (IPA) said that security preparations are the result of the disintegration of the country in General, confirmed that hope political large security forces from the army and police to maintain distance from all political parties that converge once again and leave and providing security requires professional only.

He said fartusi we are watching closely the Iraqi political scene Maeder and meeting held at Basra Thursday is not only the meeting only, and provincial councils, both in the Centre and South is grouped on the territories and that they talk to someone about the unanimity of those provinces simply (daydream).(Finally

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