MALIKI IS OUT!!!!!! Iraqiya: Vote of No confidence against Maliki is resolved!!! + Analysis by MrIQD



Okay, caution, the news is coming out fast and furious – no doubt our friendly neighborhood (stalker) HACK GURUS will be spewing their garbage all weekend.  Keep your head about you, don’t over react – we still have a ways to go, but at least we are finally seeing confirmation of real movement!

Keep your eyes on the Central Bank of Iraq’s website – – it will post any rate changes or valuation changes – DON’T RELY ON CRAP FROM GURUS!!!

We will keep our eyes on the watch for any more really new updates to this news!

Enjoy your Friday and weekend!

~ Mr. IQD

01-06-2012 – 07:15 Iraq News | Source:   54 views

The vote of No confidence against Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri Al Maliki is resolved, Iraqiya List headed by Iyad Allawi said, on Thursday, noting that the post-Maliki stage is under discussion especially that signatures were gathered on Wednesday evening.

“Negotiations are currently tackling post-Maliki stage since the vote of No confidence against Al Maliki is resolved,” Iraqiya List spokesman Haidar Al Mulla told Alsumarianews. Kurdistan Alliance, Iraqiya List, Sadr Movement, and some parties in State of Law coalition in addition to National Iraqi Alliance gathered their signatures on Wednesday evening,” Mulla indicated.

More than 200 MPs signed the petition,” Mulla revealed noting that the matter is no longer about being capable or not since signatures were gathered and handed to Iraq President.

“All parties agree that the major parliamentary bloc at this stage is the National Alliance which, according to Federal Court explanation of article 76, is the party to name a Prime Minister,” Mulla noted stressing that current crisis will be solved soon. “Consultations about potential candidates will start soon under current circulating information about the confidential names.

Sadr Movement Leader Sayyed Muqtada Al Sadr called political blocs, on Wednesday, to gather 124 MPs signatures vowing to turn them into 164 signatures in favor of the vote of No confidence against Al Maliki. Al Daawa Party refuses any potential reform, Sayyed Sadr accused.



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