Sadr, a week set a deadline for the National Alliance to end the crisis! + Analysis by MrIQD

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We wanted to publish this article for its two key points.

First, it tells us we got another week according to Sadr – and since Sadr is leading this dance, we will believe him.

We knew a “few days” but what is nice now is there is a proper deadline set by Sadr!

Next, we like this article because of the mention of the letter from the US stating we support their decision to remove Maliki!!! 🙂

~ Mr. IQD

SUNDAY, MAY 20 / MAY 2012 10:46
Detect a representatives of the Iraqi leaders’ meeting in Najaf for determining the leader of the Sadrist movement to the National Alliance within one week to end the crisis, and the answer to the reformist paper developed by the meeting of Irbil.

MP Hussein al-Shaalan’s ” Twilight News “,” The Sayyid Muqtada al-Sadr insisted yesterday at a meeting of the leaders in Najaf, deadline one week to the National Alliance to end the political crisis unresolved, and the answer to the
letter of the leaders of the meeting of Irbil. “

And met the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr at his home in Najaf yesterday with representatives of the Kurdistan Alliance and the Iraqi List and the parties in the National Alliance, to discuss a response to the recent paper Sadr, was among five-year consultative meeting held at the end of last April, in Arbil.

Sadr said during a press conference after the meeting that the meeting in Najaf is complementary to the meeting that took place in Arbil a few days ago, it was agreed on something – did not reveal – the finishing touches it needs only.

Shaalan said that “the leaders’ meeting came yesterday to end the crisis that has paralyzed the country.”

The source revealed to “Twilight News”, today announced that the President of the Kurdistan Region Download the Kurdish delegation participating in the meeting of Najaf, a letter from the U.S. side confirming no objection Washington from taking a candidate from the current position of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki instead.

The new deadline Sadr second of its kind, as it is, according to decisions of the Meeting held in Arbil, the 28 of April, it was decided to grant 15 days to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to start implementing the decisions of the meeting.

According to sources, the letter addressed to the National Alliance included a focus on the importance of the national meeting and the need to adhere to its decisions that come out, and commitment to the Constitution which defines the form of the state and the relationship of the three powers and the independence of the judiciary and the nomination of the names of the security ministries, to be ratified by the House of Representatives during the week if there is a sincere intention and serious by al-Maliki.

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