Maliki calls for political blocs to meet in Baghdad to solve problems according to the law and the Constitution! + Analysis by MrIQD

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How many times can Maliki say “Constitutional”??? LOL!!!!

Clearly he believes he can beat the five political blocks (including his own political party) by tricking the Iraqi people in to believing that he is the good guy defending the Constitution!

We don’t believe this will work! The people are tired of being dirt poor when their Kuwait neighbors have such wealth!

They are not stupid, ignorant people, they can even see the wealth of Saudi Arabia, they know something is wrong with the Maliki administration!

Then, with Sadr recently waking up and saying to his millions of followers that Maliki is not the friend he thought he was, well the gig is up on Maliki!

Will they move their meetings to Baghdad? Probably not since they know they could be easily arrested by Maliki’s Police!

We will have to wait to see how this unfolds, but we are very confident that these Leaders have already planned on this tactic by Maliki and know exactly how best to combat it and keep in a positive favor with the Iraqi people.

Our assumption is from what we’ve read is that the leaders will promote someone from within Maliki’s own Political Party to fill Maliki’s spot when he is removed!

It’s exciting to watch progress being made!!!

~ Mr. IQD

May 20th, 2012 04:22 pm
“Portal Iraq,” Baghdad – Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki’s political blocs to the meeting in Baghdad in order to solve outstanding problems according to the law and the Constitution.

And dominates the political scene, the differences between the political blocs since the announcement of the results of general elections in 2010 did not benefit the meetings and
successive in resolving those differences, which reached its peak recently as they ask some of the forces to withdraw confidence from the current government as a way out of the current political impasse, while hinted others to form majority government.

Maliki said in a press statement today that “There is no doubt that our people are watching with great interest the political movement going on in the country and the large number of papers and meetings, and keeps all of us evaluated on what is going on in the political arena of controversy and disputes, and despite the fact that many of these phenomena is normal in a democratic system based on the ruins of grim dictatorship era and a new experience trying to build new traditions and norms may be alien to many of us. “

“But may be political differences over the extent possible within the framework of the democratic system, especially that of our people waiting for us to offer him more services and contribute in building the state and its institutions and to compensate for periods of deprivation, injustice and destruction which lasted long.”

He also said “I call on all parties and political forces to activate the national dialogue and adopt a style of constitutional and democratic mechanisms in solving the problems facing our way and to focus attention towards building a state and its institutions and the development of services and improve the standard of living of the citizens, the voice of the Iraqi people to the Constitution and we like it by the judgment and a reference back to him when we disagree among us. “

He explained, “I renew my call to all of you to the meeting under one tent is our capital, all of Baghdad, dear, without preconditions and terms and positions ready for any party, to look to solve our problems on the basis of law and the Constitution without the negligence of the agreements reached during this period as long as unconstitutional, what does not contradict with Constitution as provided for in all of these agreements. “

He said “I am confident that the solutions arising from the exclusive national will at hand is easier than we expect, if ratified intentions and there will, seriously.”


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