Urgent. Keywords announces postponement of a meeting of the National Alliance after the submission of a new paper from al-Jaafari + Analysis by MrIQD

HAT TIP: Dinar Daddy

Quickly, this could be just smoke, he declares he has the notes, but won’t show them!!!

That is really no different than a hack guru saying “my source tells me…”!!! LOL!!!!

So, let’s look for more concrete evidence! Keep in mind that Maliki controls most of the Media in Baghdad!!!

~ Mr. IQD

Euphrates MP for a coalition of state law on the Keywords for postponement of a meeting of the National Alliance, which was scheduled for today until further notice because of the lack of agreement on a consensus between state law and the Sadrists.
He told the News} {Euphrates that “the meeting was postponed to give more time and put forward suggestions and opinions as the opinion that we have approved of most of the coalition forces and the Sadr movement has a different opinion about him.”

He added: Keywords head of the Dawa party in parliament, said: The meeting deferred until the agreement as they had requested the postponement until the study paper of the National Alliance and we this we have seen and nothing new we have this opinion was written by the President of the National Alliance, Ibrahim al-Jaafari and they have a second opinion. “

Keywords and refused to disclose the paper submitted by state law, saying only that the time will come to know

The meeting is scheduled for the National Alliance this evening to discuss the paper and the second meeting of Erbil.


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