The deadline expired today .. National supports the message-Sadr and Maliki holds


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17/05/2012 0:00

Talabani continues to meet the center of support for calls to reduce the maximum demands
BAGHDAD – Alaa al-Tai – Omar Abdel-Latif
With the deadline set by the letter of Mr. Muqtada al-Sadr on Thursday, supported the National Alliance, most of the terms of the message, and stressed his commitment to the support of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki with the possibility to migrate some of the points of contention to the national meeting to be held soon.

Talabani’s meetings
And President Jalal Talabani, with a delegation from the Islamic Virtue Party, the political situation in the light of the developments and the current developments, covering the political scene in the country, and its repercussions on the political movement, said a
presidential statement that “Talabani received yesterday evening a delegation from the Virtue Party, headed by Ammar Tohme President Politburo of the Party and the beauty of Abdul-Zahra of the Secretary-General of the Party and the Agency and Hassan Shammari and Minister of Justice, member of Political Bureau of the Party, was stressed during the meeting the need to continue efforts and the pursuit of bringing the views and visions between the political parties to resolve the problems and the dismantling of the crises facing the country. “The statement noted that the The meeting saw the agreement to create the appropriate atmosphere for the collection of parties and political blocs on the national program, based on the constitutional framework, national, Willem included Iraqis, and move forward to find a mechanism that will bridge the gap made in the country. He explained that these meetings comes as part of the efforts of President Talabani to move towards safety and enhance the role of political leadership in resolving the crisis and give the authorities the legislative and executive role in the service of the citizen and to stay away from political conflicts.

Meeting the national
In the meantime, MP for the coalition of state law Mohammed Chihod yesterday afternoon, that the meeting of the National Alliance will address the completion of talks on a meeting of Irbil Consultative sent by Sayyid Muqtada al-Sadr, the Alliance and the development of the final opinion to tell him to the leaders of the blocks that attended the meeting of Irbil last. “He Chihod in statement to the “morning”, expressed optimism the positive response of the Alliance to the demands contained in the letter, especially the application of the terms of the Erbil and determine the powers and all the problems that stand between the province and the center or the federal government and local governments. “and” The National Alliance called for political blocs to sit at the national meeting for the development of mechanisms and solutions to those problems, “noting that” the national has repeatedly declared his solidarity for the implementation of the Convention of Arbil with the rejection of all the demands that are outside of the roof of the Constitution. “He also stressed Chihod the commitment of the National Alliance government and prime minister, said:” The coalition announced its commitment to Maliki and the prime minister, and that the withdrawal of confidence from the Prime Minister is not on the cards was not discussed at the meetings of the coalition is not alternative to Maliki Maliki himself only if the coalition decided to make another candidate. ”

A chest
Wade MP Hussein al-Asadi to announce Chihod of adherence to the National Alliance Maliki as prime minister and the adoption of the Constitution as a solution and a ceiling for all the demands put forward by the blocks in its paper and its mission after a meeting of Arbil consultation. He Asadi “morning”: that “the National Alliance wants to solve problems and does not want controversy within may lead to cracking the coalition, and that the things demanded by the masses bear the responsibility for delaying implementation because the government made up of ministers from all the blocks participating in the government coalition does not bear the responsibility alone. ”
He added by saying: “The demands contained in the message in many of them regarding the services and the citizen, as in the second item of the message, which we agree with the blocks on the importance of implementation.” It was a meeting held in Arbil in the Kurdistan region in the twenty-eighth of April, included President Jalal Talabani and parliament speaker Osama Najafi and President of Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani, leader of the Sadrist movement and Muqtada al-Sadr and the existing Iraqi President Iyad Allawi, which has been discussed the current political crisis. He announced after the meeting that Mr. al-Sadr sent a letter to the National Alliance include the demands of meeting Quintet. MP for the Liberal block of the Sadrist movement Prince Kanani has ruled out meeting the mass of the National Alliance. Said Kanani “morning” yesterday afternoon: that “not to hold a meeting sends messages negative or a rejection of the content of a meeting of Irbil consultation and that he was scheduled to discuss the National Alliance in this meeting the terms of the letter of Mr. Sadr is dedicated to answer them. “The political body of the INA have held their regular meeting in the office of its president, Dr. Ibrahim al-Jaafari and the presence of representatives of the blocks all internalized in the coalition on Monday evening last, was during the meeting, according to a statement received “morning,” a copy of it, trading in the political situation existing and review of bilateral meetings witnessed by the political landscape recently, has also been an exchange of views on what came in a meeting of Irbil out a unified position about it.

Parliamentary support
The center of this picture, supported by a number of MPs calls for non-adherence to the political blocs to “high ceiling” of their demands.
The MP for the National Alliance, Souad Jabbar: “We in the coalition call for solidarity with a call to al-Hakim”, stressing the need not to raise the ceiling on demands by the political blocs, in addition to the need to abide by the constitution. Said in a statement singled out the “morning” that “the political blocs to step forward and clear and transparent with the Iraqi people, “calling on them to be tended this approach to lift the injustice on the shoulders of the people. explained Jabbar said the political blocs enough escalation in rhetoric and Turahqat media with each other, as must attention to the interests of the Iraqi people, that does not inconsistent with the Constitution.
The head of the Islamic Supreme Council of al-Hakim has called for political blocs to not adhere to the “high ceiling” of its demands, saying: “We want to build a state of institutions based on the Constitution, which must be accepted by all parties through which the resolution of conflicts and resolving political differences” .
In turn, promised Rep. Fatima Alzerkani call Mr. Hakim, the “eye of reason.” She said Alzerkani that “this call is a noble and honest and real for not raising the ceiling of demands by the political blocs, and considering that the interest of the country and the Iraqi people is above everything.” She Alzerkani for support and support for this call sound and wise. the other hand, interpreted the member of the Iraqi MP Salim Abdullah invited Mr. Hakim to the political blocs that it should not begin to address the withdrawal of confidence from the current government, but end it if it does not reach to the reform, saying that such talk logical too. expressed Abdullah’s “morning,” his belief that the political parties calling for the withdrawal of confidence from the government, if I felt some sort of response reformist by the Prime Minister, such a thing will enable it to reconsider this matter, he says, noting that respond to the virtue of practice, the existence of a serious desire to overcome differences and open horizons of dialogue and not to escalate the media and other things.
Abdullah said that the parliament is disabled at this time and the player actor on the political scene is the Council of Ministers, calling the latter during the current month to be released from some of the initiatives that reflect the seriousness in ending the tension such as providing the names of the bodies were approved and approval of or to vote on laws and referred to the Council House of Representatives to get reforms in the country.
And reliable political parties currently on the national meeting to resolve differences between them, but that the conference is expected to hold in the coming days, you may not carry the solution to these disputes under the threat of boycott of the Iraqi List.


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