Hours before the deadline .. the Sadrist movement adheres to the … And Alfalh: Finished ordered! + Analysis by MrIQD


friends, this is the article we have been waiting for today!

Sadr is holding firm!!! The other blocks will follow and (hopefully) Maliki will realize he must capitulate!!!

~ Mr. IQD

Wednesday, May 16, 2012 12:08

BAGHDAD / Baghdadiya News / … cluster Liberal actress confirmed the Sadrists in parliament, said Mr. Muqtada al-Sadr is still holding his ground in confidence For the Maliki government in the event of non-implementation of the worksheet, and in turn reduced the coalition of state law regarding the time limit. The secretary general of the Liberal bloc parliamentary deputy Zia al-Asadi / of the Baghdadi News / “did not back down the Sadrists and
al-Sadr’s decision to withdraw confidence and so far has not been any freezing of the work including the working paper, but proceed with the implementation of the paper needs to be consensus of the other parties any of the parties that suggested this The paper therefore the process will take time today and tomorrow will be Haflan visits and exchange views to reach a result satisfactory to all parties and most importantly satisfy the citizen. ” And a mechanism for the declaration of the current position of the meetings Asadi said: I think there will be a tomorrow to clarify the position of the line movement by Sheikh Salah al-Obeidi, the spokesman, this situation will pass him formally and will be seen tomorrow, the final position. ” He al-Asadi said that “reducing the moment there are still rounds between the political parties and several attempts to get a result after reading the terms of the Initiative, which consists of 9 points, most of the policies included in this paper must take a positive attitude about it and respond to him, and there are two main points are the non-renewal of a third term for President Minister and the withdrawal of confidence from the government in the event of non-application of these things, this is still under discussion until the moment and there are meetings tomorrow, so I think these meetings will result in positive results. ” For his part, MP for the coalition of state law on Alfalh position of the coalition of the deadline given by Mr. Sadr, the alliance said, “is over is the deadline and become discussions about holding a national meeting, because these things are required of all politicians and all parties and not by the government only, and these things are not, however, the government The prime minister, but everyone is represented and the first who should be implemented by all the ministers who are in the government and belonging to all parties. ” He Alfalh that “the dialogues and what happened may exceed this limit, things tend toward meeting the national meeting will be the national end of all the problems and determined to be a transparent dialogue and clear, frank and prefer to announce to the Iraqi people in all its details in order to make the Iraqi people for everything and I think the President of the Republic will soon announce a date for the national meeting. ” And ends on Thursday the deadline given by the leader of Sadr Muqtada al-Sadr to the National Alliance and the (15) days of the implementation of the working paper submitted by the implementation of a number of reforms aimed at ending the political crisis in the country. / Finished / 21 / a. P


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