KRG threatens to reveal secret documents about Maliki + Analysis by Mr. IQD

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Good evening friends!

We just saw this juicy article and felt it was relevant enough to share!

The KRG is turning up the heat of the fire under Maliki’s ass!!! Could you imagine this even a month ago?

No way!!! Maliki would have had too much political “strength” back then fight this new attack!!!

The “rats” are abandoning Maliki’s “ship” faster than ever – it really appears he is doomed this time!!!

~ Mr. IQD

May 15th, 2012 02:17 pm ·
Erbil (AIN) –The Presidency of Kurdistan Regional Government threatened to reveal secret documents related to the agreements concluded between the State of Law Coalition and KR or to the general political situation in Iraq.

The spokesperson of the Presidency of KRG stated in a

press statement over Maliki’s interview with NRT Kurdish Satellite Channel “Maliki repeated what used to say against KR, he tries to blame other over his fault.”

“Maliki went on further assuming the position of the protector of KR instead of the Kurdish legitimate leaders,” he added.

“We will announce documents that refute his false accusations and claims soon,” he assured.

“We are forces to clarify our stances towards what he claimed by revealing to the public secret documents about his deals with KR or about the general situation,” he stressed.

“Maliki brought out his inner ill-will because he was blind due to his monopolization so we are obliged to reveal the facts to the public soon,” he concluded.


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