ANNOUNCEMENT… Dinar Daddy Breaks Opinion Silence!!!

HAT TIP: Dinar Daddy

We welcome another Friend in our Dinarian Community who is willing to speak Out!

We hope that Dinar Daddy will also join us in “shouting down” those ridiculous Hack Gurus (especially those that were created by Beth Ogle) who bring harm, heartache and extreme stress to our fellow Dinarians!!! 😉


~ Mr. IQD


I have thought about it for quite some time but have come to the conclusion I need to end much of my silence and start commenting on subjects within the Dinar-following community that need true clarification and explanation. So many are confused and/or mislead and need help.

I will be providing a weekly analysis through my online radio program, Tidbits Radio. I intend to take on one MAJOR subject each week. Some will be controversial… others will be long-overdue explanations and info-share… yet more will be extremely
insightful to all listeners.

Basically, I’m pulling off the curtain and allowing listeners and readers alike to receive MY VIEW and MY PERSPECTIVE based on what I’m exposed to and am aware of. You will find there will be absolutely NO BIAS in my comments, simply observations similar to what you get from my “HUB“.

I will be addressing subjects such as the following and much more…

“Dinar Currency Re-denomination Review”
“Dinar Revaluation Assessment & Opinion”
“Dinars-on-Reserve Programs”
“Out-of-Control Gurus & Outlandish Rumors”
“Dinar-following Site Reviews”
“Dinar Dealer Assessments & Reviews”
“Behind-the-Scenes Insight and Transparency into Dinar Daddy’s Daily Activities and Business Engagements”
Anyway, this is my new weekly effort among all other things I am up to. Not that I needed to add more to my daily routine, but the need is there and I’m willing to make it happen to help all gain greater perspective, faithfuls and pessimists alike.

When and how will I be delivering this again? I will be doing it weekly. There will be no set day or time each week but I will announce it prior each time and each will be recorded and available for review over at my personal Tidbits Radio page

I also plan on pulling over all my radio programs to my YouTube channel…

I’ll keep you all posted… the first will be TUESDAY!!!!

Go Transparency… Go Understanding… Go Dinar!

Dinar Daddy

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