Talabani, Maliki Agree to Solve Political Problems Through National Conference

HAT TIP: Dinar Daddy

Folks, this is very encouraging!

It shows us that Maliki knows he is at the end of the rope, rather than have a rope strung around his neck, he is finally starting to concede, BUT will he fully capitulate?

Who knows, but maybe we will see some monumental agreements come out this weekend that will give Shabibi the warm fuzzies!!!

~ Mr. IQD

May 11th, 2012 09:59 am · Posted in NEWS: Dinar Currency & World Currency News
Baghdad (newsletter) … President Jalal Talabani discussed Friday, with Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, a detailed outline of the political problems facing the State-building process.

Statement by the Presidency of the Republic received (News Agency news) a copy thereof: that Al-Maliki, Talabani stressed the need to overcome through joint action and national understandings based on the Constitution and agreements and worksheets before through the National Convention, to ensure universal participation in building Iraq and provide paths to the political process.

The statement said: during the interview reaffirmed the importance of urgent action to overcome the problems and help to create a positive atmosphere for dialogue in order to reach practical solutions complete


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