Maliki's comments about the "frozen constitution" Raise a Storm of Angry Responses


10:36:11 / 05/2012 Nuri al-Maliki

Khandan – added the statements made by Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to the channel «Iraq» semi-official work on the possibility to freeze the Constitution in the event of continued political pressure, angry reactions in the Iraqi political circles.

He has warned of the push for «freeze» the Iraqi Constitution in light of political differences, stressing that the parties to a political trying to compel the other to abide by the Constitution and evade is it, adding that
«some partners are pushing for a freeze Constitution by requiring a party to work it as they do not abide by the », pointing out that he is probably the only one who« work the constitution now », and« call them several times and told them to come sit down and have your comments and stripes on the federal government and we offer our observations and Ochkalna you and put the Constitution of an us, but they do not want it », he said .

In this context, it is considered the Iraqi List led by former Prime Minister Iyad Allawi, «Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki wants to be a substitute for everything in Iraq, including the Constitution».

The spokeswoman said «Iraq» Maysoon al told «Middle East» yesterday that «Iraq’s constitution, by virtue of frozen because of the policies and practices unconstitutional under which the Maliki» noting that «Maliki wants to acquire everything and be a substitute for everything including that the current Constitution, there are a series of procedures and practices confirm that concrete evidence, such as intervention in the affairs of independent bodies such as the Central and communication, integrity, and the Electoral Commission and others in addition to six years of rule without the presence of an internal system of the Council of Ministers »wondered:« What can we call this practice. . Alice practically freeze to the Constitution? ».

Asked about the accusation Maliki, his partners, including the «Iraq» by saying that they are those who say that there are gaps in the Constitution, said Damluji: «We are on the contrary, we want to do the Constitution and all our objections we and our partners the others are in this direction, and that there is one and the same suspended AlaMl by the Constitution and now you want to actually freezing to occur chaos in the country which leads to create a kind of terror among the people ».

She explained that Damluji «Five meeting which was held in Erbil had expressed a sense of high level by the five leaders in order to protect people and not to slide toward the unknown».

For its part, considered the placeholders in the Iraqi parliament from the Kurdistan Alliance Ala Talabani said in a statement similar to the «Middle East» that «is spoken of by al-Maliki is a negative indicator of the direction of the lack of intention to build a genuine partnership and are in the end, in the interest of everyone». Talabani said that «this talk also demonstrates that there is no sincere intentions to sit down with partners at the table of dialogue to solve problems».

She Talabani that «the current practices of the prime minister confirms without doubt that the Constitution by virtue of frozen indirectly and there are many indications in this direction, for example, the intention towards the formation of regions according to the Constitution, where it is said that this is not the time, effectively freezing the Constitution and interference in the affairs of authorities Independent and powers as all of these things confirm that the Constitution is frozen to a great extent ».

The independent MP in the Parliament on the mass of the Iraqi National Alliance, has Sabah al-Saadi, said in a statement «Middle East» that «what occurs by the Prime Minister is a serious indication of the direction of push things to the dire consequences», pointing out that «there is no practical authority in the country I grew up this authority or small can freeze the Constitution because it is popular secretion was voted by the people of Iraq, a contract between the Iraqi Mosque ». He said Saadi: «We warn of the call, which is an explicit call for the militarization of society and the descent of the army in the streets and this means that democracy, freedom and transparency of peace, which means that there are no organizations or independent bodies nor the other, which is very dangerous». Saadi called «the religious authorities and political forces and civil society organizations and the intellectual and cultural elites to take the initiative to reject such calls as they serve as a serious coup on the Constitution».



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