How Do Sellers Scam Their Customers?


We know there is a lot of con jobs and scams going on in our Dinarian Community, therefore rather than continuously bang our drum against the several very obvious Hack Gurus out there that are obviously trying to get you to fall for one of their deals, we felt a more proactive approach may be better!

We are going to seek out and repost many articles like this one today in our “How To Avoid Investing Scams” located under our “ADVICE” Section. 

These articles will teach you to start looking for the “signs” of these con artists. 

This will help you to be better prepared for con artist that are currently not on our “Radar” or perhapes ever will be noticed, because that is just how good they really are!

You must be very paranoid about giving out your personal contact information to these blogs and hack gurus!  You must not trust them with the information of exactly how much Dinar you really own. 

Here is the truth, the amateurs are attacking this community right now, because frankly there is no “real” money – but, after the RV, hold on to your hat!!!  Because the real professionals will be out in full force figuring out how to take our money. 

These “pros” will be people like the con artist Marc Dreier – we posted on Friday who had a degree from Yale and a law degree from Harvard!!!  Marc was so good, he took Hedge Fund Managers for over $400 Million in one of his schemes!!! 

~ Mr. IQD

Published on Wed, Aug 11, 2010 by Michal Dorcak In categories: Money Making

Millions of people sell some goods every day. Sadly, not all of these sellers are trustworthy and they will often try to scam their unsuspecting customers. They can do this in many different ways and it is great to know at least the most frequented scams.

Do not think that you are safe just because you always shop at supermarkets and brand stores. You should never let your guard down. Otherwise the crooks of shopkeeper/vendor society will get to you sooner or later (probably sooner) and you can believe me that it will not be a pleasant surprise.

It is sad, but the ways in which you can be scammed are virtually limited only by seller’s imagination, greed and willingness to risk their own fur. However, some types of scams are done more frequently than others. So, I will shortly describe those I heard of or experienced myself here. Hopefully, it will help some of you to spot a bogus trader and avoid him/her.

Selling “imaginary” goods

Of course, the stall won’t be full of invisible items. In fact it will be full of nicely looking stuff. The only problem is that this stuff is virtually worthless or that the boxes do not even contain what you are paying for.

The vendor might be selling electronics, brand clothes, knives or items with “magical” properties. It does not really matter. You should always be suspicious about stalls selling items that should have some guarantee period and items that presumably have some magical effects.

Bargain will more often than not turn into an awful deal for you, the customer. Low prices often mean that the goods are stolen, fakes or dysfunctional. Vendor will never tell you that and will disappear before you can complain. And even if you catch him at the place, he will always deny that you bought the goods there. As for the items with magical effects, avoid buying these at stalls too. If you believe in magic, then rather find some reputable seller/shop.

Repackaging the food

Sadly, this happens often. Groceries that have relatively short lifespan are usually ones “participating” in this scam. You should always be on your guard as food that passed its expiration period can badly damage your… (go to their website to finish reading this post)

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