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Folks!  What an excellent Call today!!!  We got to listen in, hopefully you did too. 

If you missed Randy’s call, we have just received the below Transcript via and anonymous friend who found this posted by “denaridori” at PTR.  It appears to be accurate to today’s call, but we don’t warrant that.  🙂

Here is the Playback Link to Randy’s Call   –   NOTE: There is about a 5 to 10 minute “silent” period so, it will start streaming, you can wait about a minute, then slide the player button forward the 5 to 10 minutes to where Randy Starts talking.

~ Mr. IQD


Notes Transcribed – [DISCLAIMER:  These notes are not without error,  omission, or typo’s.  Listen to the replay for accurate information.]
We’re really close to seeing the National Conference come up…all the articles in the last couple of weeks have been moving towards Maliki being muzzled.  We haven’t seen it in the public except Maliki said he’s ready to do the National Meeting.  I’m under the impression they have the votes of no confidence.  The bottom line is the only ones saying they won’t were from Maliki’s group and they’re not going to vote anyway.

What not to look for:

Parliament – all’s been done and it doesn’t matter to us.  All that has to happen is an announcement…the Strategic Council and Ministers. Watch them and Maliki and get our eyes off the bank screens are flashing.  You don’t have to worry about….Okie calls…starting off at $7-8 and now it’s up to $42.  It hasn’t happened yet.  We’re looking for specific governmental items to take place.  People say they haven’t seen anything like this…you have.  We haven’t seen the budget here and it’s not going to happen.

Is it going forever?  No.  Are we close? Yes  — don’t know how close.  Talabani has got to come out and say we’re going to have a NC …and I don’t know why.  As soon as he announces to call for the NC we’re done with this thing.  A couple people have caught on that if we get our eyes on things that don’t matter….like we were given the ability to invest in Iraq – Resolution 13303 – they don’t need it when Ch. 7 is lifted.  They say they want to do that on the 15th or so…Kuwait said they’ve done everything to be lifted so what’s all that’s left?  Not until they see the Strategic Council and Ministers because Shabibi wants to see a fully formed government.

Parliament doesn’t matter…everything that has to be done has been done….we’re waiting for the announcement…they’ve approved everything.  They just have to make it LAW….it has to be in the public eye to come out and announce the NM in public and they’ll be an announcement.

The things we’re looking at are political things because Maliki has to give up power…he’s been given an ultimatum and runs out on the 17th.  Sadr wants to make sure it’s done before the 13th…that’s not that many days.

If  Maliki gets by…how? He has no money but he can still not do it and force the political parties to no confidence.  If he feels like they don’t have the kahonies he can just sit and wait.  He could drag it out, but I don’t think he will….we’re in pretty good shape if he wants to go on with the NC and there’s multiple things to get this thing running.  I feel very good where we’re at, and would feel better if we saw the NC.  Could we see it this week?  We sure could…it’s 12 midnight tomorrow…but any day after that is a really good week.  Each day that goes by in the next 2 weeks is a better day with more stress on Maliki, pushing him, saying to get things done, and have a NC….get it all together and we’ll be fine.

It doesn’t make anything until we see it in the public…why? The public will become law if it’s in the public…I want to stress that a whole bunch. You’re not going to miss this….you’ll see it on Fox and CNN…Iraq has a new government.

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Q:  From what you know is it looking good or very good, sooner or later?

A: That’s hard because everything looks so good as far as Maliki being curtailed (that’s what we’re hearing in the background) and the back of my mind it’s hard to get pass that this is a ride…I don’t want to jump too fast not to allow people thinking it’s done for sure.  This week looks very, very good and next week looks even better if we get in to that week…It didn’t show up today, so if it comes out tomorrow or next day….I don’t think there will be a big gap with the National Meeting.

Q:  Is there such a thing as a back screen (wall)?

A:  NO – NO –NO There’s no back wall…that’s when they run out of money. Remember the ultimatum Is 14 days…I really think it’s Maliki’s own group that said that, and the reason is that it was just one way to get people off his back.

Q:  Do they have enough votes for the no confidence vote?

A:  I think so or Maliki would still be screaming this is not constitutional which is what he did before. Now it’s I’m ready to do the meeting…everybody else, Sadr, Barzani are the ones saying there’s no confidence remarks are coming from.  They’re there to be dang sure they’re going to move forward and he’s gotta do this.  We’re moving to progress.  Even if I said it would RV tomorrow…the government would have to show up. Does Allawi or Barzani have to be in the country? No!  Allawi has no power, but once the Strategic Council is announced, he has power.  I don’t want you to think this will go on forever….It’s not because money at some point in time is about money…Barzani’s going to hold that.  One thing he said was if Maliki doesn’t sign this Erbil, they’ll lose everything…oil will be divided –98% of the oil is from the Kurds…you’ve gotta love that guy.  Maliki wouldn’t be screaming if he hadn’t had some political pressure.

Q:  Then, why don’t they do it?

A:  That’s the big question…I don’t know…All Talabani has to do is say…”We’re going to meet tomorrow.” We’re close…we’ve heard that in multiple places….don’t want to jump out but intel has gotta meet the paper.  Rather than look at the article, Talabani has to open his mouth and we may see that in the next few days.

Q:  What’s the possibility if Maliki has a no confidence?

A:  They’re probably going to do a no confidence…they just have to have a majority.  Parliament has to know they have a majority of the votes. All these guys know where they’re at…As soon as they do the no confidence, Maliki has THREE DAYS to make it right with the leaders…what do I have to do. Or, they kick him out and there’s 7 days to repeal the process so whatever he can do, in 7 days, they’ve submitted more names of who wants to be the Prime Minister.  They’ve already thrown out 4 names out there so it won’t be a long thing.  It’s basically over and I think they can go 20 days – basically you could have a new PM interim who can still announce the Strategic Council (ministers)….in TEN days.

Q:  How important is Sadr?

A:  As long as Maliki has Sadr in his court, there was no way to do it….now he’s on the other side.  That’s another reason why Maliki runs over to Iran and talks to the Ayottolah….Sadr’s a cleric and he needed Ayottolah to get Sadr in line…Sadr said we’re tired of this and we want our money!  It’s all about a budget and what it takes to run…no more than that.  If some reason they felt like raising it up a penny or two , but it’s not going to be what’s out there.

Q:  Is there actual documentations about the $ of the budget?

A:  Yes, it’s documented — $33 per barrel or $32.50 at one point 1.3 million barrels a day.  Since then, Iraq has screwed around and doing 900K barrels a day and rolled back again but that 1.3 million barrels is now down and they want to bring it up.  There’s some intel right now with what’s going on with Maliki is out of money and they need the revenue….the way these oil companies get permits, is to pay for drilling permits…individuals…I need $25,000 to do that so the government actually gave permits but they’re not doing that…it’s open game.  They’re telling a bunch of people and it’s not going to be held much longer.

Q: Is it an escape hatch saying it’s unconstitutional?

A: He’s the one that makes it constitutional…not until he opens his mouth though.   It could be a wiggle out – He’s the one who does the announcing…Ministers and Strategic Council. Erbil gives the Strategic Council and Ministers, Kurds is the 3rd largest block and whoever agrees is where the majority block is…like with Sadr and he does have the largest block.  They had to agree with it…Maliki, and Allawi agreed….they voted it on paper so the constitutional thing is sort of an out, but it’s not….as soon as he announced it, it’s constitutional.

Q:  He goes to the NC and agrees to everything but says it’s not constitutional?

A: The only 2 things is the Strategic Council needs to be announced – and his mind it’s unconstitutional, and it is until he announces it to make it law.

Q:  What if he doesn’t announce it?

A:  That’s where the no confidence vote comes in and they’re going to hold out, but if they don’t do it and he drags his feet…they’ll do it.

Q:  Conversation about what’s coming down the pipes with the dinar and government contracts with Iraq….not Basel 3.

Q:  How many people do you believe in the dinar investment….will it promote hyper inflation?

A:  I think this (from 1 year knowledge) they thought 100,000 people …Figure now you have a million and a half million.

Q:  Other countries have no knowledge?

A:  It’s an American plan – it wasn’t publicized except it was a scam…to keep the amount of people from exploding.  It wasn’t even an issue out there, but to make sure you didn’t get a hold of Saddam Hussein’s victor..everything rolled out from that.

Q:  Can we hold our Iraqi currency in an account?

A:  I’m sure you can do that because some banks in NY do that….it’s about the sanction list and then the currency to hold will be fine.  I don’t know how the taxes will apply – personally I don’t think there’s much tax applied…that’s why I check with a tax professional.

Q:  When most countries are under the banks of the world and Federal Reserve system, can all of the currencies be revalued?

A:  This is my opinion:  I have a lot of different opinions…they’re talking about the devaluation – because we’re 13 trillion in debt and it would probably break even and would cover the debt showing, but I know we owe more than that.  It leaves for the election and you’ll see some really good numbers, the dollar will get really strong…why?  Gas prices..they’re going to get everything they can do to get the dollar to go up especially in the next few months to get back into office. That’s the way I see it…economy gets strong, commodities go down.  How long?  If they do the right thing with the dinar, it’ll stay that way…Both parties are bad with spending, but if we can figure out how to neuter Congress from spending the money you’ll have a constant dollar…Can we do it?  I don’t know.  It depends on how the election comes out and how they control the spending,  the dollar will probably drop.  I don’t think it’ll ever fall to the bottom because
everything’s attached to the USD…and this is still one of the biggest players of commodities in the world…we control everything.  We are America…we do more than everybody else…that’s the way it is. We’re China’s largest buyers…and the largest borrowers and hopefully will change when this comes in.

Q:  Do you believe hyperinflation will take place?

A:  No, unless we don’t curtail the spending….if the Republicans come in there, we may not, but if either party does, we will.  It won’t be as bad, but in 2 years ago, it’ll be moving at such a pace, it’ll be a big issue.  We’re headed down the wrong path unless we stop the spending.

Q:  You think the dollar and gold will go down?

A:  Yes, 6-months to a year. Gas goes down, dollar goes up – 6 months later, things will change.

[Restoring America enables the American people can direct things to a particular Congressman and is more powerful than the 2nd Amendment. ]

Q:  Could Maliki lose all immunity?

A:  Yes, he’d have some issues.  I think some of the pressure applied, even by the US to an extent with people over there from the US, trying to figure out where the $60 billion dollars is…but they don’t listen to us.  I think he’s going to drag it out to the final end…that’s why I think they’ll do the no confidence vote, but maybe not if he sees the writing on the wall.  The 13th and 17th was an ultimatum…

Q: Taxes and tariffs?

A:  You’re right…there’s no money and it’s set to happen…it’s set to go down quick….do I know how for sure?  No, there’s too many variables…I wish I did and we’d be out of this thing.

Q:  Where they getting their money?

A:  They’re not …the guys who wanted to drill had to take money out of their own pocket and pay the individual…they have no money.  The funds in the government is barely paying the Parliament.  This can’t go much longer…it’s been longer than I thought it could go…it has defied everything because of one person….it’s one dictator and I know a lot of people aren’t going to like this….it’s one president…if he really cared what was going on, we’d be done.

Q:  How can we get to the National Meeting if Allawi doesn’t go?

A:  Allawi doesn’t have to go…the only person that has to show up is Maliki.  It has zero to do with a meeting…they have zero to discuss…they could be playing pinnacle.  It has to be in the public eye…it makes it law and once it’s law, Maliki’s out of it.  Allawi has less than zero control…he’s giving his leadership from the block so he could take over the Strategic Council and screaming that Maliki’s like a dictator.  Talabani has to call the meeting and Maliki has to show up.

Q:  Do you know anything about the Dong?

A:  I have no intel…just what I read. It’s RV’d 4 times…my chance of RV’ing up is not good. Somebody said it was better to be down so when it RV’d  it would have to be ½ penny – $100 dong = 50 cents and $200 would be $1 and they could make change and get them off the street.  They’ve never been right yet, they’d have to print bills, LOP, so if it goes above ½ cent, it would LOP.  I got a little because somebody told me…I did it and regretted it ever since.

Q:  Do you think Obama’s going to fly in there now with the no confidence?

A:  No, because Barzani went to the US…he went there and talked to Obama and had the warm fuzzies, then he went to Exxon…why?  Obviously, he has to make commitments because they want their money – complaining – they’re saying I know we’re going to have this curtailed and probably gave him a timeline….I think Talabani and these other guys, when the US came in there, they scared them.  They just beat him to death one time…he’s doing what we want them to do and that’s why the Kurds are the US puppet.  You’re so right, that’s why Barzani went to the US…he got the Okay.

He also said he didn’t’ care if the F-16’s weren’t going in Iraq without a government…How could Barzani make that statement…he knows something we don’t.

Q:  Obama wants to be re-elected and turn it around…now!

A:  He does…DO NOT GO OUT AND HIRE ANYBODY…make your money, sit on it for at least 6 months and then hire people.  If we all hire people and the unemployment changes….relax 6 months, get our head together, we’re in great shape… but with unemployment down….he can get re-elected.

Q:  Maliki: 3 Days to make things right…is he still in?

A:  Yes

Q:  Does he want to be in sharing the power and not be Iran’s puppet, does he even want to be in there?  If he has $6 billion in the pillow, you think he wants to stick around there?

A:  I think so and I think he’s going to run for Allawi’s spot by trying to become a dictator with Allawi’s spot. He’s awfully strong politically…only 3 votes shy of the largest party block…Allawi 92 – Maliki 89 – He’s strong on his own so I don’t think he’ll ever be out of it…he’s very politically structured.  Not to down anybody…they can force him to do what he needs to do with this deal because he’s not leaving and then they’ll have to deal with him in other elections.

Q:  If he doesn’t do anything in 3 days, he’s completely out?

A:  Yes, exactly right.  Maliki takes the risk but I don’t think he wants to get there either…he’ll take it to the last second.

Q:  I wasn’t sure he wanted to be there.

A:  He’ll fight again in a different way.  He wants to be a dictator, and he probably thinks he can get himself back in the position to control things, he can bring it back to a dictatorship.  Keep in mind, Allawi wasn’t in great shape to start out with….you have Al Capone’s group and another group trying to work together.

Q:  It sounds like he has the money he stiffened out.

A:  He was rich before…Maliki and Allawi…they were going to go live in Europe…where did they go?  They went when Saddam Hussein ran them out of Iraq and they sued Iraq and won in the English Court….they won their court battle so whatever the government has put back together owes Maliki, Allawi, Jaraffi….some went to England, and other parts….Iraq owes them (3.40) to the court so there’s no way they’re not going to come out at the exchange rate they need to come out at.  You’re right…it’s a power trip.

Q:  If something at this magnitude is eventually coming around with any upper level bank, they would want us to talk to them…a lot of forums are talking about that and I enjoy you basing this on actual facts that the government’s doing.  They keep asking who’s pulling the trigger?  Shabibi?

A:  Yes, he’s had total control, told Parliament about the exchange rate, and told IMF and they approved….you can manage that number and go on.  That’s all the IMF does other than telling them to get the government together.  Shabibi has to do it…when he gets the criteria he’s looking for, is the ministers.  The key to all the countries that they’ve RV’d – the only reason why the ministers are important. They’re not going to announce them until they get the power sharing done.  You have Maliki to announce the power sharing, then the ministers, which is the key that everybody knows and then they’ll RV their currency.  This is the KEY…its not happening until you see the ministers and it won’t be hidden.

Q:  I can’t imagine 3 entities weren’t involved at this point….as an investor it’s a good time that this is going to happen.

A:  You’re right!  I tell people 000’s is just removing the 000’s for them to get them off the street.  The deal about the .86 cents is a big issue….I will agree…Frank said a few things, but for the most part, he’s pretty close as to how it’s going to happen with some good information, not great, he’s called it 3-4 times, but he has said things that’s really solid stuff.

Q:  Does Maliki just have to announce the Strategic Council?

A:  It’s Allawi on top, Maliki and Talabani.

Q:  I thought there were 9-16 …

A:  No –there’s 3 people – they’re the “power sharing” with the ability to make major decisions that the 3 will make. Everybody’s there. When they announce the National Meeting, they’re probably going to be playing pinnacle.  There’s nothing to do…that’s why it could happen tomorrow (not tomorrow)….

Q:  Tariffs to take effect June 1st  now on hold because of living conditions and there will be a significant increase.

A:  Those articles mean zip…they can’t pay because they have no money.  The tariff laws have been…5 x…the Minister of Finance says he’s going to pay people, but when it comes time, he doesn’t.  Then the CBI comes out and says they’re going to lift zeros…because Maliki’s in power and they don’t have the outcome either.  They know what he needs to do ….just not when.

Q:  We were encouraged because the tariffs were coming.

A:  They’ve been out 4 times last year. Articles mean nothing when it comes to the tariffs…when it gets close to happening they say they’re going to do it, then they wait for the time to come, and they don’t know. And, they’re not in the World Trade Organization…they’re a pressure point, but not an ultimatum.  It’s good and love for it to happen, but if it didn’t happen, it’s nothing that would stop Iraq anyway.

Q:  Chapter 7:  2 have agreed and other 2 hasn’t until end of 2012…

A: Ch. 7 has ZERO to do with the RV…RV has to happen prior to that going into place.

Q:  Can it RV without that happening?

A:  Yeah….are you having a problem with that? I want to know so I can help you understand.

Q:  I thought they had to lift Ch. 7 before the RV.

A:  No, you have to prove you can make payment and restitution for any type of Ch. 11 – in bankruptcy.  They have to show how they’re going to pay people…that’s part of the restitution.  You have to have an RV then they’ll lift the 000’s after the government is formed.

Q:  We should have it by the end of 2012.

A:  They were supposed to be released in 2007 – but they drug the feet for a good year ….until they actually get their government together…1st, Strategic Council, Erbil, RV. The Government is EVERYTHING…keep your eyes off of everything else.  Don’t let everything else get in the way and you’ll be okay.

Q:  Why are all the dealers pushing to sell dinar?  Why not hoard their own dinar?

A:  That’s their job…they sell all kinds of currency and this is bigger. We’re assuming these dinar dealers have a clue…some don’t.  Their deal is to sell dinar and make money and then have them bring it back to them to make money.

Q:  How could they have an endless supply of dinar?

A:  There’s only a few dealers who have it…it used to be restricted…you have the Walmarts, and it’s taking them a few weeks to get it from their dealers.  It’s more than what it was….it used to have to order it and then there were flags and that’s when they got it and they couldn’t afford it if it did RV.  This was supposed to happen last Dec…and we’re still here.

Q:  Maliki insisted going to the National Meeting…why not go to Erbil?

A:  National Meeting is going to complete Erbil….that’s the Strategic Council and Ministers…it was 18 points Allawi and Maliki both agreed upon.  They want certain things…Kurds wanted power sharing…Erbil is a list, not a contract.  So, when they have the National Meeting, they’re fulfilling Erbil when they announce the SC.  Neither Maliki or Allawi want to go ….

Q:  Why doesn’t Talabani call it after Maliki said he wanted to call it?

A:  I don’t understand that part either..I’m trying to find that out.

Q:  Do they want time to elapse because they want a no confidence?

A:  I’d love to be truthful with you, but I really don’t know that…it would make it easier if I could find that out.

Q:  It seems like some kind of strategy.

A:  I still think the National Meeting should happen this week…any time.  I’ve been saying that for the past few days.

Q: They said they wanted it done by the 13th.

A:  I do too…but we’re in an extremely good position…only better would be sitting with Mai Tai’s at the Carribbean.

Q:  If they go to a no confidence vote, and they can’t see the forest through the trees, there’s no guarantee he wants the same thing he wants what Maliki wants….

A:  No guarantee, but I’m almost sure they’d announce Erbil….if I were picking someone, the guy would be one who wanted Erbil.

Q:  Who’s going to be the next PM?

A:  They’ve actually picked them…they just have to go through Parliament.

Q:  Maliki’s giving up military, ports, and security – doing a very poor job – he’s not that stupid, but as soon as he announces Erbil, he’s giving a lot up….but he’s getting immunity.  15 days…think they’ll have the Nat’l Mtg. After?

A:  He says before that…essentially it’s this week.  They can announce it the same day …they don’t need a lot of lead time for this announcement.

Q:  I thought it was the 7th.

A:  They’ve never put out a date – I’ve been looking for it…it’s not going to be hidden or try to figure out.  It’ll be more than one paper carrying it.  Remember when they said they’d postpone the meeting before the Arab Summit…5 different papers said they postponed it.  Talabani called the meeting..once he calls it, it’s done…that’s all he has to do.

Q: How does the 15 trillion debt get paid down with this happening?  Where does it come from?

A:  Keep in mind your Congress has to put it in the right spot..if they dinar in the Treasury, it’s an asset, liquid asset like gold, as long as it’s there, it offsets the balance sheet and reduces the debt. I don’t know how they’re going to apply it…the scary thing is we have no budget, so when this money hits, it can go nearly anywhere that the president wants it to go.  What I’m trying to say is it’s a very scary thought…I do now it has to go somewhere in the government…the debt…?  I don’t know, I wish I did, but it’s going to be up to Washington.

Q:  We’re a small part of it…the government has trillions.

A:  They only pay it with the dinar they buy back oil with…it’s caused some confusion with the rate.  There’s rates that the treaties have that’s different than the market rate.  If Iraq signed an agreement (treaty) based on what they’re going to get for the price of oil, we’ll pay $32/barrel and at the same time there was a treaty – 3.41 we’re getting – but they’re getting a treaty rate and all of these countries are going to buy oil from Iraq who participated in this thing and they’ll buy oil at their treaty rate.  I’ve been told what the US will pay, but the other countries have a different rate…they’d have to pay it based on dinar vs. USD.  They’re able to do it in such volumes that it’s not stressing out on Iraq…if they can keep the bombs from blowing up, they’ll produce more per day.  It’s going to be a different place and it will pay for itself, as Bush said, many times over.

Q:  It’s amazing how the National Debt went down when Kuwait revalued.

A:  Yea…that’s right.

Q:  I hear people call in worried about all these details about Ch. 7 and you tell them to watch the NM, Ministers, or they’re going to waste a lot of time.

A:  Yes, a lot of people are confusing others…Article 8, 9 – IMF funds…I went through the same thing.

Q:  I don’t get excited when they call it.

A:  You mean you don’t at $42?  LOL

Q:  Is Talabani sure Maliki will show up?

A:  It’s a proverbial gun to the head with a no confidence vote that will be in place when he calls the meeting.

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