Maliki Pledges to Meet Iraqiya's Demands for National Conference – Or Does He??!!!


Happy Thursday! This article looks encouraging….


Maliki says he will: “meet all of Iraqiya’s demands on the condition of being constitutional.”

Now, why does he always say “constitutional”??? Because currently the Power Sharing Agreement (where he loses 2/3 of his current power) IS TECHNICALLY UNCONSTITUTIONAL!!!

Why??? Because Maliki has NOT ANNOUNCED the Power Sharing Agreement yet!!! Once he announces it, it WILL BECOME CONSTITUTIONAL!!!

Maliki is a REAL STINKER!!! This is why he is pissing everyone off. He clearly wants his full power and wants to be a Dictator! So, he uses this Constitutionality TECHNICALITY to avoid Announcing the Power Sharing, etc.

Why do we really care??? Well, Shabibi (and now Parliament) Will NOT trigger the RV of their IQD currency until Maliki announces Arbil and the Power Sharing Agreement!!!

Friends, this is a political stand-off, and the real Citizens of Iraq are the people who are losing and suffering the most right now!!!

~ Mr. IQD

03/05/2012 11:21 BAGHDAD, April 3

(AKnews) – Iraq’s Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki today called on Iraqiya List to attend the national conference and pledged to meet all of the party’s constitutional demands.

Maliki said during a joint press conference with the leader of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq (ISCI) Ammar al-Hakim in Baghdad late last night that
“the adoption of the constitution is the best solution to resolve the crisis in the country”.

He asked Iraqiya to attend the conference and “present all of its problems”.

Maliki vowed to meet all of Iraqiya’s demands on the condition of being constitutional.

The PM denied the existence of differences in the National Coalition (NC), assuring that there are strong relationships between its parties.

Hakim stressed the need to apply all of the political agreements that were reached between the blocs in a bid to reduce the crisis.

With regard to the reports of withdrawal of confidence from Maliki’s government, Hakim said: “The NC and the ISCI seek to end the disputes and strengthen and support Maliki’s government.”

Iraqiya has refused to attend the conference until the implementation of its five demands, some of which are related to the Erbil agreement.

Maliki statements came a day after President Jalal Talabani received the conference agenda from the meeting’s preparatory committee.

The NC announced last Thursday that it completed a draft working paper for the conference.

The Kurdish Blocs Coalition authorized the members of the preparatory committee of the NC to prepare the working paper for the conference after Iraqiya refused to attend the gathering.

By Haider Ibrahim


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