WARNING! Breitling's "FREE" Real Estate Investing Seminar – Could Cost You Big!!!

Okay, we were minding our own business, and we suddenly got a (spam) email from Breitling who is advertising his “FREE” Real Estate Investing Seminar – RE Investor Forum with Kris Krohn of Strongbrook REIC.

Now, we will say, that we Googled “scam” for Strongbrook REIC and for Kris Krohn, and did not come up with anything at this point. 

What we did find was a blog post with some Comments asking about them with some responses.

The article below written by Marty Boardman does not indicate “who” the Investment Seminar Company was that he attended, but his story was compelling to show how something that started off as “FREE” ended up costing him $1,200 ($600 + $600) to start, then later an additional $2,700.00 for the “Advanced” series which laughably taught him nothing that “common sense” would teach you!

Marty does a great job of sharing with you how you can get all this “Free” seminar information truly at no cost if you apply a little local “common sense” of your own!

We are not saying “don’t attend” the seminar with Breitling. We are saying that you could save your time and money considering what this author suggests.

~ Mr. IQD

Traveling is sexy, especially if you don’t do it very often.  That’s why I was so excited to attend my first real estate investing seminar.  I would soon learn everything I needed to know about how to get rich investing in real estate AND fly across country to do it.  Okay, Phoenix to Denver isn’t exactly across country but it was still exciting nonetheless.  The icing on the cake was I got to stay at a Holiday Inn – can you say free continental breakfast?  Yes, I was a real jetsetter.

It was 2001.  I’d just finished reading Robert Kiyosaki’s book Rich Dad, Poor Dad.  His message was very clear – the only way a regular guy like me could achieve financial freedom was through real estate investing.

So I did what most newbie real estate investors do.  I went online and found a weekend seminar.  I spent money on airfare, a hotel room, meals and ground transportation.  I listened to 8 different speakers in two days.  By the end I dropped $600 on a lease/option tape set and another $600 on a foreclosure course.

A year went by.  I closed two deals and pocketed about $8,000.  Not satisfied with my results I did what most newbie real estate investors do, again.  I spent more money ($2,700) and flew further away (Atlanta) for a weekend boot camp called How to Get Lenders Fighting to Give You Money.

Now if the title of this course doesn’t make you laugh out loud then there is something wrong with you.  Who would pay $2,700 for something this ridiculous?  The dope writing this post, that’s who.

Here’s what I was told to do that weekend, step by step:

  1. Find a small community bank.
  2. Schedule a meeting with the community bank VP.
  3. Show up to the meeting in a suit and tie.
  4. Explain to the bank VP that I own a real estate investment business.
  5. Ask for a line of credit similar to one a furniture store or car dealership gets to purchase inventory.

That’s it.  The bank VP will then immediately draw up the documents for a $500,000 line of credit to buy an inventory of houses.  Believe it or not I tried this – 7 times.  Nobody was fighting to give me money but I could swear a few of the VPs I met with were fighting to avoid laughter.

I stumbled around in the dark for about another year.  The lease-option-foreclosure thing was going nowhere.  And despite my fancy suit and charming smile the lenders weren’t lending.

Out of desperation I called William Kozub, a local real estate attorney.  He had just written an article about real estate investing and I wanted to pick his brain.  William gave me the best real estate investing advice I ever got.  He told me that if I was serious about learning how to invest in real estate I needed to stop wasting time and money flying all over the country attending these boot camps.  He said you need to learn how to invest from someone who is doing it in your own backyard.

A week later I enrolled in a short sale-foreclosure course for Realtors.  I met a guy in the class who connected me with a real estate investor that was buying houses at the courthouse steps.  This investor gave me a shot working for him as a bird dog.  My apprenticeship lasted about a year and I learned more (and made more money) than I ever did attending boot camps.

The lesson here is pretty simple.  If you want to learn about real estate investing then find someone in your area that’s doing it.  Make it worth their while to help you get started.  Save the money you were about to spend on the boot camp and buy something worthwhile – like a nice suit and tie.  It may come in handy some day.


Tom April 19, 2011 at 7:57 am

You asked for references to real estate training and systems that use language like “we’re crushing it with XYZ real estate investing system and so can you!”.
What do you think of thisKris Krohn and his system?


17 Marty Boardman April 20, 2011 at 9:31 am

Tom, I’ve never heard of Kris Krohn. I looked at his website and it seems impressive. But what do his numbers look like? How many deals has he done in the last three months? Did he make any money? Is he willing to show you financials? Can you talk to any of his past students? Have they had success? How many deals have they done in the last three months?

2 thoughts on “WARNING! Breitling's "FREE" Real Estate Investing Seminar – Could Cost You Big!!!

  1. Do you all have any further info on Strongbrook? I am looking into them and can’t tell if they are into real estate investing or selling memberships. Their current website seems so MLM.


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